Three best techniques to try daily to lift a ‘sagging’ neck ‘naturally’

A sagging or loose neck is a common concern for women as they get older.

While there have been huge advances in gravity-defying facial treatments and face creams that claim to turn back time, when it comes to the neck, this area is often overlooked, becoming a giveaway of age.

The skin on the neck area is thinner than that on the face, with less sebum, collagen fibres and fat. What’s more, this area is often neglected.

Luckily there are a few easy facial exercises that can “lift and tone” the neck “naturally”, according to Danielle Collins, otherwise known as @faceyogaexpert on TikTok.

The world-leading face yoga expert has shared a video captioned “three ways to lift a sagging neck without surgery.”

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@faceyogaexpert Neck lift without surgery? Yes please! #faceyogaexpert #faceyoga #necklift #turkeyneck ♬ Relaxing Japanese-style piano song inviting nostalgia – Akiko Akiyama

She said: “Here are three techniques you can use every day to help lift and tone your neck area naturally.”

The first technique is to turn the head to the side, tilt the chin up slightly bringing the tongue out and curl up towards the direction of the nose.

Count to 20 as you hold the position there. Then repeat on the other side.

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The second technique involves bringing the arms back behind you “like big wings” and moving the head gently from side to side.

The expert claimed that as well as helping to lift the neck, this also “corrects posture” that most would have when they use phones or computers for long periods of time.

Danielle warned that bad posture can “cause a lot of lines, bloating and sogginess in the neck and chin area.”

For the third technique, you want to start by bringing your fingers on the collarbone, tilting the head slightly back and bringing the bottom lip out.

This helps to engage the platysma (a superficial muscle found in the neck) muscle at the front of the neck.

Once in this position, hold there, then start to come down after about four breaths.

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