Wild monkey snatches three-year-old girl before dumping her on edge of cliff

A three-year-old girl was abducted by a wild monkey before being perilously placed on a cliff edge.

The unwitting toddler had been snatched while her folks were busy doing farm work in Liupanshui, China's south-western Guizhou Province. After a police search through the forest up steep, mountainous paths, the girl was finally found in a thicket near a cliff.

No words came out of the unharmed child’s mouth, but when asked about her furry assailant she pointed at the cliff edge. Her father, surnamed Liu said he and his wife had tucked their kid under a tree in the shade and only turned their heads for a couple of seconds before she disappeared.

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Liu said: "The child's mother started crying immediately, and I comforted her while contacting the police." They had pegged it over to a nearby village for help, and found video footage of a wild macaque lifting their three-year-old. Another villager had supported this freakish scenario, having spotted a huge monkey roving around the scene of the crime.

Liu added: "It was just a minute, and when I turned around, the child was gone. We were all very anxious.”

Liu said that when he found his terrified daughter, he asked the child if she had been caught by a monkey, and the child nodded in response.

He said: "I asked again ‘Where did the monkey go?’ And the child pointed in the direction of the mountain with her finger."

Liu later said that he was very grateful to the help of the police to find the child safely in such a short period of time. Paramedics on the scene examined her and found she had no injuries apart from the minor scratches.

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