Emmerdale viewers predict why Mack will escape his kidnapper before Christmas

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    Emmerdale fans all predict the same thing as they say Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) will flee his kidnapper.

    On Wednesday's episode (20 December) Mackenzie who is better known as Mack on the soap, found himself in a tricky situation with Chloe Harris' vengeful father Damon (Robert Beck) who had kidnapped him.

    Mack could barely move his arms and limbs as he was bound tightly to a chair and held captive in a remote industrial location. Things turned tense as Damon appeared to also threaten various members of the Dingle clan, including Mack's wife Charity.

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    It didn't appear as if there was any way out for Mack this time. With no way of escape and Damon having possession of his phone, he couldn't even manage a sneaky call.

    Despite how it appears, fans are certain Mack will somehow wriggle free, with a poll on X – formerly known as Twitter – asking "Will Mack make it home for Christmas?" 100 percent all predicted that he would. With many adding comments about how they suspect he'll get away.

    One person said: "I think Mack will slip out of the ropes when Damian isn't looking # emmerdale," as another added: "I think Chloe's dad will let him go #emmerdale. As a third moaned: "It'll be dragged out until New Year."

    Meanwhile, Mack's wife Charity (Emma Atkins) has been left worried sick about her husband's whereabouts, with the pair fighting and falling out after he didn't make it home one night.

    Back on Monday's episode, Mack had been involved in a heavy drinking session and didn't make it home. Telling his wife he slept on a park bench after struggling to come to terms with his son Reuben still being "missing" but in the care of his mum Chloe.

    Suspicious Charity feared that Mack had cheated on her again. Especially after Mack explained he had ignored her calls on purpose.

    Now on the warpath after walking out on Charity again, Mack took off to continue moping around and drowning his sorrows. When he was blindfolded and bundled off by Damon who had a smirk all over his face.

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