I'm a dog groomer – three dogs I’d avoid if you’re a first-time dog owner…including the pooch that’s very dominant | The Sun

WHEN it comes to getting a dog, there are so many things to consider – including what breed will best fit into your lifestyle.

But according to one professional dog groomer named Danielle, there are three breeds first-time owners should avoid altogether.

In a clip shared to TikTok, a dog trainer named Garrett Wing(@americanstandardK9) can be seen asking Danielle to name the three breeds she'd never recommend.

And first up on her list of pooches to steer of is a Chow Chow.

"Very strong, very hard dog," Garrett explains.



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"Ancient dog breed and the attitude to go with it."

Next up on the groomer's list of dogs first-time owners shouldn't consider is the Black Russian Terrier.

She explains: "They tend to be very dominant.


"They need a lot of training.

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"They also need a lot of grooming."

Garrett chimes in: "Our own videographer has one and it's a lot of dog – big dog grooming requirements and tons of energy."

Finally, the groomer says she's never recommend first-time pet owners get a giant schnauzer either.

"Similar – very, very dominant, needs training," Danielle explains.

"Needs a lot of grooming as well."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 129k views and several comments from social media users.

"We have two giant schnauzers, they are SO STUBBORN," wrote one.

"Not an eager to please breed but we love our girls. Lucky to have 35 acres for them to run on."

A second penned: "I used to have a miniature schnauzer.

"We groomed her ourselves and she was the BEST dog of my childhood. She loved my daughter so much."

A third commented: "#1 Any kind of doodle."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "I have two Black Russian terriers, such sweet hearts, a lot of grooming though."

Another added: "A very experienced dog owner here with TWO Chows…love 'em!"

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And a further chimed in: "Well, thank god we’re not first time dog owners. But seriously.

"Giant schnauzers are a lot of fun. And super smart. And a lot of grooming!"

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