Moment man is dragged into the road as he tries to fight off dog

Moment man is dragged into the road as he tries to fight off attacking dog before a car tries to ram it out of the way

  • Shocking footage shows large, tan-coloured dog lock jaws around man’s arm 

This is the shocking moment a man is dragged into the road as he tries to fight off  an attacking dog before a passing motorist mounts the pavement in a bid to run the animal down.

CCTV footage posted of the attack in Sheffield on Tuesday shows the man, in a blue fleece and dark trousers, holding a small black dog aloft as a larger, tan-coloured canine appears to snap at his arm on Handsworth Road.

As he moves around and attempts to fend off the larger animal, it locks its jaws around his left forearm and he loses his balance and falls into the street.

Despite this, the dog still refuses to let go – only doing so as a red BMW hatchback comes to the rescue, mounting the pavement in what appears to be a bid to bring the incident to a halt.

But as the smaller black dog attempts to flee the larger animal follows it down the road – before the footage comes to an end.

The man can be seen appearing to hold a smaller black dog aloft as the larger, tan-coloured dog chases him around in the street

The animal appears to lock its jaws around his left forearm before he loses his balance and falls into the road

Armed police were called to Handsworth Road in the east end of Sheffield after a man was attacked by a dog

One officer at the scene could be seen holding a shotgun-type weapon with a close-range sight, with a handgun and a taser in holsters

Dog units and armed response officers from South Yorkshire Police were called to the scene at around 5.40pm on Tuesday

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Armed police and dog units from South Yorkshire Police were called to the scene in Handsworth, in the east end of Sheffield, at around 5.40pm.

The attack took place in close proximity to a local nursery and a doctor’s surgery. 

Images show officers dressed in dark uniforms, with pistols and tasers in holsters, in the area around where the attack took place. 

One officer appeared to be carrying a shotgun-type weapon equipped with a close-range sight.

South Yorkshire Police believe the animal jumped over a wall into the public road, and confirmed that armed response units were sent to ‘safeguard the public’.

The man incurred serious injuries to his arm, but they are not believed to be life-threatening or life-changing. 

Officers were able to corner the dog and seize the animal before removing it from the location.

Chief Inspector Emma Cheney said: ‘We know these incidents will cause concern among those who live near the location, and for those who witnessed the incident this would have been upsetting.

‘We want to reassure people the dog has been seized and removed while we carry out our enquiries and determine exactly what happened. 

‘All incidents of this nature are treated with the utmost diligence, and we will investigate thoroughly to ensure the community is kept safe.

‘We would like to thank members of the public and medical staff who came to the aid of the victim, who has been taken to hospital for treatment at this time.’

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