XL Bully owner shares video of muzzle training with her dog

XL Bully owner shares video of muzzle training with her dog as she hits out at plan to ban breed after series of vicious street attacks

  • The owner and her XL Bully Doug showcased their training in an emotional video
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A woman told users it was ‘still so hard to accept’ that her dog now has to don a muzzle, as the government are set to ban the breed by the end of the year. 

In an emotion fuelled clip, the unnamed dog owner, showcased how she was gently training her dog to become accustomed to wearing a muzzle.

Owners of the controversial dog breeds have been pleading with vets to re-register their pets as ‘staffies’, as they are set to be outlawed by the end of year.

Shelters have also been ‘inundated’ with the XL bully breeds, while some owners have put the animals up for sale.

But XL bully, Doug, and his owner have started to prepare for the myriad of ways in which their lives due to the recent string of vicious attacks involving the breed. 

Muzzle Training 🤎 We are now on day 3 of muzzle training and Doug has taken to it like a walk in the park obviously 😅 I am now using the commands ‘touch’ and ‘wait’ which allows him to leave his nose in the muzzle for a good 3-7 seconds – always rewarding, even if he just touches it. We have found a permanent muzzle which has now been purchased. Everyday he is making progress, however I am still processing that we have to do this. It’s still so hard to accept. But we are getting there. ✨ We will continue to share as much as can and we are still continuing to fight for what’s right. 🫶🏼 My little superstar boy, I love you so much Doug 🌟 #xlbully #xlbullypuppy #muzzletraining #muzzleawareness #dogsofinstagram #xlbulliesofinstagram

The owner said in the video that now has over half a million views that Doug had taken to his new normal ‘like a walk in the park’

In a 28-second clip coupled with an emotional tune, the woman can be seen accustoming her XL bully Doug to the muzzle.

In the caption of the video, which now has over half a million views, the owner stated that they will continue ‘to fight for what’s right’, as they share their journey.

Detailing the third day of their muzzle training, the unidentified owner told her following of 7867 that the pooch had ‘taken to [the training] like a walk in the park.’ 

She elaborated on her training methods, stating she uses the words ‘touch’ and ‘wait’, so that the XL bully places his nose into the black muzzle for at least three to seven seconds.

Still in shock regarding their new reality, the owner wrote that their new normal was ‘still so hard to accept’, but she and her ‘little superstar boy’ were making progress.

This comes shortly after another XL bully owner feared 18 of his puppies would be put down.

Onlookers flooded the comments with sympathies for the dog and owner, with one person saying: ‘I’m so sorry you have to do this. 

‘The problem is a proportion of bad breeders and owners.’

Another furiously quipped: ‘It’s just b******s. Imagine a world where you get locked up for looking like someone else who did harm. And where destroying you is “ethical”.’

However, the caption and music of their third muzzle training day was emotional as the owner was still finding it ‘hard to accept’ that this is their new everyday

A gentle giant: Doug gave his owner a series of smooches during the video where he was being accustomed to the muzzle – with the help of some treats

One person added: ‘This has to be one of the most upsetting videos I’ve watched recently. It shouldn’t be this way. What a beautiful dog.’

But not everyone was in agreement about the muzzled dog being a sad sight, with an individual reasoning: ‘All dogs should be muzzle trained anyway. 

‘My GSD [German Shepherd Dog] has been trained since a pup in case of accident/emergency. Dogs in pain or panicking in emergency’

They continued: ‘Situations can obstruct their own treatment if the vets are at risk of bite. So important for responsible dog owners of all breeds to do this.’

Another agreed: ‘100% I hate that everyone is acting like a muzzle is some form of abuse!!’ 

The emotional clip comes shortly after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called for ministers to gather a panel of experts, so that they could come to a concrete definition for the breed, before they can be banned.

He branded the dog breed as a danger to communities and a particular threat to children.

Sunak added: ‘I share the nation’s horror at the recent videos we’ve all seen. Yesterday we saw another suspected XL Bully dog attack, which has tragically led to a fatality.

‘It’s clear this is not about a handful of badly trained dogs: it’s a pattern of behaviour and it cannot go on.’

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