Perfume pro shares the 5 scents she ‘can’t stand’ including a popular Dior spray that’ll ‘make you smell like a grandma’ | The Sun

A PERFUME pro has revealed five scents that she can’t stand.

Not only did she claim that a popular Dior spray will make you smell like a grandma, but she also thinks that an iconic Carolina Herrer smells ‘disgusting’. 

Sharing her thoughts on social media, Ikhlas, who has described herself as a ‘perfume addict’, got candid about popular fragrances – so prepare to be attacked if you’re a fan of Burberry Her Elixir or Alien Goddess.

The content creator and beauty fan shared her clip online with the caption ‘perfumes I hate, sorry not sorry.’

In response to a comment that read ‘Can you do a video on fragrances you don’t like’, the perfume lover then said: “Say less. She's asking me to share with you guys some perfumes that I don't like, let's do this.”

Ikhlas got candid about the Good Girl fragrance, as she explained: “The first one is gonna really shock you guys but I just don't understand the hype behind the original Carolina Herrera perfume.

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“The OG [Good Girl] is just not for me. There's something spicy about it that smells disgusting on me.

“I don't actually appreciate the scent on other people either. On other people it's not disgusting, it's just not it.”

She then shared why she doesn’t like Burberry Her Elixir, as she added: “Next is Burberry Her Elixir. So everyone was so excited about this version and so was I, but when I smelled it, I couldn't smell anything else than really scented strawberries. That's all I get from that scent.

“There's nothing well blended about that perfume, there's nothing that fits well about it, I think it's just a straight up fruity scent and it doesn't fit with me.”

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Following this, Ikhlas explained why she wouldn’t wear Miss Dior, as she suggested: “Next is Miss Dior. Oh my God that one is [gags].

“I don't get it. It's straight up smelling like a grandma. There's nothing wrong with smelling like a grandma, but you know, I have time till then, so I want to smell young till then. It's a no.”

Prepare to be offended, as Ikhlas continued: “I just know people are gonna hate me for this one – Alien Goddess.

“I think it's because I was a huge fan of the original Alien. I used to wear Alien as a signature scent when I was younger and I found that the scent changed so much.

“I found that we are definitely leaving from the Alien’s original DNA with this Alien Goddess.

“I liked how unique it was and now I feel like they are becoming more and more crowd pleasing.”

Finally, the perfume lover revealed the Tom Ford fragrance she would never wear, as she concluded: “If you really wanna end me, get me Velvet Orchid from Tom Ford. I don't understand that scent.

“The way I don't understand that scent is crazy. It smells harsh. That's all I get from that.

“It's just straight up woody, harsh perfume. There is nothing well blended about it.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @beauty_byib, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as at the time of writing, it had quickly amassed a staggering 684,700 views. 

Following Ikhlas’s claims, many social media users were eager to take to the comments to reveal the fragrances that they can’t stand. 

One person said: “For me it’s Baccarat rouge, it smells cheap.”

Another added: “I dont like Black Opium.”

A third commented: “Libre by YSL .. I can't understand the hype.” 

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Whilst someone else chimed in: “I can’t STAND Chanel No. 5.” 

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