Is Casualty on tonight and at what time?

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on, among other things, our regular entertainment schedule.

Casualty is one of many soap operas which has been impacted by the far-reaching effect of Covid-19 – with Holby City, Doctors, River City, Pobol y Cwm and Casualty all having shut down production.

Therefore it’s little wonder that serial drama fans are concerned about when they’ll be able to tune in to their favourite soaps.

You’ll likely be relieved to know that Casualty is indeed gracing our screens tonight, but at a slightly different time to which we have become accustomed…

What time is Casualty on tonight?

Casualty will be on a bit earlier than we’re used to at 7:25pm tonight.

It will follow Catchpoint and precede a rerun of Gavin and Stacey starting at 8:15pm.

During the episode, Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) will be met with an unpleasant surprise.

Danny (Anthony Selwyn) will have collapsed and begun hallucinating at a shopping centre, and as a result will be brought into the ED.

Marty won’t be best pleased to see this familiar face, and when Jade (Gabriella Leon) reaches out and asks what’s wrong, Marty will give a shocking confession…

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'Love Is Blind': Why Diamond Still Refuses to Speak to Carlton

Diamond Jack got engaged to Carlton Morton on the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. But the couple split after an explosive fight that occurred after Carlton revealed to Diamond that he’s bisexual.

Though the two seemed cordial enough at the Love Is Blind reunion, Diamond says they do not speak today because Carlton keeps saying negative things about her.

Why Diamond doesn’t speak to Carlton

“Do you still talk to Carlton?” Diamond was recently asked on the Domenick Nati Show.

“No, I do not. No, I do not. Not at all. Even now, how we’re not communicating and talking is really based off of what he does. I feel like the things he says and does, it doesn’t get you right. Although he might erase it physically, once I see that you put it out there on your Instagram and put it out there on social media, I don’t forget it and I won’t let it go. That really shows me how you really truly feel,” she said.

Diamond says that, even though it’s been over a year since they filmed Love Is Blind, Carlton still writes that he feels she’s “biphobic and homophobic.”

“This happened a year and a half ago, let me remind you, this happened over a year and a half ago, I was able to forgive you then but then you go back and call me biphobic and homophobic slurs and just try to degrade me all over again, still talk about my appearance after the reunion,” she said. “That’s why I’m just like, no. I can’t be friends or even try to be in the same room as someone that has showed me how they really feel. You stab me in the back once, I’m not gonna give you two or three more times to do that.”

Diamond receives a lot of online hate from ‘Team Carlton’

Diamond also shared that she’s received a good amount of online hate since the season aired.

“Even on some of my pictures, I haven’t erased all of the messages. Some of the messages, most likely if I see it and I don’t like it, I erase it. I’m getting ‘homophobe,’ ‘biphobic.’ Earlier, when it first came out, even some death threats. I had to block several people, several accounts, I don’t know if they’re really even people. But blocked those accounts,” she said.

Diamond continued: “I’ve been called a disgusting human being, they talk about my appearance, they talk about my hair, of course. They call themselves Team Carlton so they’ll come to my page and try to say some very bad things about me. But like I’ve said, I’m built from a strong cloth so those words don’t really hurt me honestly.”

Diamond says she’s not currently dating. She’s working on herself and focusing on her work.

She says she’s not sure if she’d ever go on another reality dating show like The Bachelorette because she was “traumatized” by her time on Love Is Blind.

“I don’t know if I would consider another reality dating TV show just because of the fact of what happened to me. But The Bachelorette, that’s something I could think about,” she said.

“I had a bad experience, what I went through, so kind of, it traumatized me a little bit,” she added.

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'Below Deck Med': Hannah Ferrier Is Filling Her Quarantine Time Like Most of Us

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean shared that she’s doing a little too much online shopping and eating (in her bathrobe) as she hunkers down with her boyfriend.

Like many people who have self-quarantined, Ferrier is passing the time binging on podcasts, television, and movies. But also online shopping. She recently tweeted, “Must. Stop. Online. Shopping.” Podcaster Kate Casey asked her to give her a heads up if she finds anything good online.

Ferrier replied, “Aughhhh. I’m buying everything… it’s ridiculous.” Another person commented that not being able to go out is providing the rationale to shop online. “Hahahaha – that’s what I’m doing!! I’m like ‘well – no restaurants, no wine, no Uber’s and cooking heaps so add to cart.”

Nothing else to do but shop and eat

Ferrier also tweeted a photo of her delicious dinner. But wrote, “Must. Stop. Eating.” Fans reacted that her meal looked wonderful and the photo was making them hungry.

She also started a Twitter poll tweeting, “I’m going crazy. My girlfriend and I have run out of trivia so we are starting on Twitter polls.” When one fan remarked about how the polls being boring, Ferrier replied, “I knowwww… it’s like I’m bored or something.”

Ferrier also asked, “Anyone else spending ALL their time in their bath robe?? Hope you guys are staying sane during these difficult times.” Mercedes Javid from Shahs of Sunset replied, “i just took a shower. it was pretty much the most important thing to do , only 2nd to caring for my baby boy.” Ferrier joked, “I’ve been doing face masks and LED light therapy every day. I need a baby to look after.”

Ferrier also shared the same bathrobe question on Instagram. Stew Anastasia Surmava hilariously replied, “No I’ve just been sitting around naked to be honest 😂😂 just bathrobe is ded next best choice 💋.” Ferrier and Surmava were close friends after working together last season. “Hahahaha. It’s too cold here for that!! I miss you chicka 💗💗💗,” Ferrier replied.

She is also passing the time with her boyfriend

Ferrier also tweeted that she’s been laughing about some of the new memes, but her boyfriend is taking them too literally. “My boyfriend doesn’t have Instagram and is working from home so I’ve been reading him out meme’s but he takes them all so literally and he’s really taking the fun out of insta for me #corona,” she tweeted.

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My dessert vs his dessert 😍😍😍 #worththeswipe

A post shared by Hannah Ferrier (@hannahferrier234) on

Below Deck deckhand, Abbi Murphy said she’s got the same thing going on with her husband. “My husband is the same way! I’ll die laughing at something & show him & he’s always like ‘I don’t get it.’ it’s a meme killer,” she replied. Ferrier also wondered if all this togetherness would prompt some couples to break up. “I wonder how many relationships will end in the next 2 weeks…,” she tweeted early into the quarantine. Adding, “Hahaha. I hear you!! I was just saying to my boyfriend last week that we need to try and spend more time together and day 2 and I’m ready to kick him out and risk it.”

Of course, Twitter fans wanted more intel on the boyfriend.  “Wait a minute, Boyfriend. tells us more,” one person replied. Only months ago, Ferrier shared that she and her boyfriend celebrated one year together. “1 year driving the same man crazy… 💗💗💗,” she shared on Instagram along with a photo.

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Coleen Rooney posts sweet morning bedtime snap of Wayne and the kids as she urges people to 'stay safe'

COLEEN Rooney shared sweet photo alongside husband Wayne and their four boys in bed this morning on Instagram and urged her followers to 'stay safe' amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple have been homeschooling their kids while in lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which Wayne has been documenting online.

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In light of the global health crisis, the 34-year-old posted the heartwarming black and white shot of them all enjoying some family time.

Captioning the photo, Coleen simply wrote: "Good morning. Hope everybody is staying safe".

The shot comes as Coleen and her footballer husband have been homeschooling their kids while in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Last month, Derby forward Wayne, 34, had given fans an insight of what it's like to be on lockdown in the Rooney household after he put their little ones through a fun Body Coach home workout.

He shared a series of pictures with his 14.9million followers on Instagram as his family made a productive start to the week.

Alongside the snaps, he wrote: "Some exercising and school work so far today."

One image showed the legendary England international helping his son Kit, four, with some English homework.

Klay, six, cracked on with his work in peace while eldest son Kai, ten, knuckled down in front of the computer.

Their youngest son Cass then got involved as the boys worked up a sweat while doing a Body Coach workout.

Before the country went into lockdown, Coleen and Wayne attended Lewis Capaldi's concert in Manchester.

The couple even met the singer backstage after the gig at the Manchester Apollo and posed for a picture.

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Bernie Sanders Warns Bill Maher That Donald Trump May Use Coronavirus Relief Money To Boost Chances In Battleground States

Bernie Sanders warned HBO Real Time host Bill Maher that it’s entirely possible that President Donald Trump will direct coronavirus relief money to states based on whether he needs to win them in the 2020 presidential race.

“If you think that during a campaign, you’re not going to see a lot of money from the Trump administration going to battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, you would be grossly underestimating the venality of this president,” Sanders said from Burlington, VT, where he was connected by video chat to Maher, who returned this week to host his HBO from his Los Angeles home.

Maher had asked Sanders how he would “stop a president who send aid to Florida, because he likes the governor there, but not here to California or Illinois or Massachusetts.”

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Sanders responded, “It is literally beyond comprehension. We have a president who has done so much harm in this entire process.”

Sanders said that Trump’s downplaying of the crisis “will cost us.”

“His actions or inactions, in not listening to the scientists, spouting off ridiculous ideas, is going to cost the lives of many thousands of America,” he said.

While the governors of Illinois and Massachusetts have criticized or disagreed with Trump’s coronavirus response, California’s Gavin Newsom said earlier this week that the administration had been responsive to the state’s needs.

Maher did not ask Sanders what his plans are for the 2020 race, given that Joe Biden holds a lead of about 300 delegates. In recent days, Sanders has said in other interviews that he and his advisers are “assessing where we’re at,” acknowledging that he has a narrow path to victory.

Sanders talked extensively about how he would address the coronavirus crisis and the economic fallout — a situation that he said that he risks an economic collapse “that may end up being worse than the Great Depression.”

“With 30 to 40 million people unemployed in the next couple of months, it’s unprecedented in our lifetimes, that is for sure,” Sanders said.

He said that the U.S. should do what the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway and France are doing, in which workers continue to receive 100% of their paychecks during the crisis and get the healthcare they need.

“The main thing is, we have to prevent a breakdown in the entire system — that’s how dangerous it is right now,” he said.

Sanders voted for the relief bill — as did the rest of the Senate — but he criticized its $500 billion fund to assist major corporations, saying that it gives money to major companies with few strings attached and not enough accountability.

Maher posed the question of what he’d do if Trump loses the election and refuses to concede — or even leave the White House.

“Well, you mobilize the American people in a way they have never been mobilized before, to essentially remind this president that whether he likes it or not, we live in a democracy,” said Sanders, linked by video chat from Burlington, VT. “And the majority of the American people, through the electoral process, will determine who the next president is. So what you are describing is a scenario in regard to democracy in America.”

“Do I think you are crazy and off the wall?” Sanders added. “I suspect not, but I think we have to make it clear from now on throughout the campaign and the day after he loses, that if he loses this election, he will be out of office and replaced by the next president.”

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