Bills' Sean McDermott Apologizes For Using 9/11 Terrorist Analogy To Motivate Team

Sean McDermott

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott just issued a mea culpa … telling media members Thursday he’s truly sorry for bringing up the 9/11 attacks in a motivational speech a couple years ago.

According to’s Tyler Dunne … McDermott’s tone-deaf talk to his players happened during the Bills’ 2021 training camp — when he was trying to emphasize to his squad how it needed to communicate to come together.

“Sources on-hand say, he used a strange model: the terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001,” Dunne wrote in a lengthy three-part piece about the coach that was published on Thursday morning.

“He cited the hijackers as a group of people who were all able to get on the same page to orchestrate attacks to perfection.”

When McDermott addressed the issue with reporters Thursday afternoon … he didn’t deny making the making comments.

“I regretted mentioning 9/11 in my message that day,” he said, “and I immediately apologized to the team.” He added that his goal was to get his guys to understand the importance of “being on the same page.”

sean mcdermott coaching for buffalo bills

ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg reported the coach also said he has plans to apologize to his current roster over the comments later Thursday.

“Not only was 9/11 a horrific event in our country’s history,” McDermott said, “but a day that I lost a good family friend.”

He continued, “I’m not here to discuss the article that’s out there and the things that are mentioned other than this right here, because this right here is very, very important to me and something I take very seriously.”

McDermott’s Bills are currently floundering — they’re just 6-6 this season … and need a win over the Chiefs on Sunday to keep their playoff hopes high.

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