Tom Sandoval DID Want To Stay With Rachel Leviss After Affair Reveal – He Was 'Fully In Love With Her'!

Ariana Madix and fans aren’t going to like hearing this….

When the affair between Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss rocked the Bravo world nine months ago, some thought this was nothing more than an awful months-long fling. That there was nothing serious between them while they snuck around behind Ariana’s back for months. But in reality, at least for Sandoval, what was going on between him and the 29-year-old former reality star was not casual at all!

Once the affair was exposed, he was fully prepared to risk it all — even the wrath of Ariana and Vanderpump Rules fans — and keep their relationship going. Yeah, you read that right! Tom revealed on the Two Ts in a Pod podcast Thursday that he wanted them to still be a couple after the cheating scandal. And he was willing to do whatever it took to make their relationship work!

For instance? When Rachel checked into a mental health facility amid the cheating scandal, the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman did everything he could to fight for them. He went as far as to quit drinking and smoking since she wasn’t able to do any of those things while in treatment. Sandoval explained:

“I fought so hard for Rachel. I stopped drinking. I stopped smoking cigarettes because she went away to a facility. I’m like, ‘She can’t drink, she can’t smoke. I’m gonna quit.’”

Whoa. No matter what you think about the bar owner nowadays, we have to give him a little credit because that is some dedication! It’s not easy to stop drinking and smoking cold turkey! But the reality star — who is now eight months sober — said he was so “in love” with Rachel he was willing to do it! The Special Forces alum further noted he “was there in any way that she needed” during the backlash this year.

However, everything changed when the former SUR waitress moved to Arizona, broke things off, and cut him out of her life for good. Ouch. Naturally, Sandoval was left heartbroken over how things turned out between them:

“We were best friends. It’s heartbreaking to go through. I was fully in love with her. She’s not just some hot girl. I was a model for 15 years, it’s deeper than that.”

Look… Sandoval, for lack of better terms, f**ked up. Instead of ending their nine-year relationship, he hurt and betrayed Ariana by cheating on her with her best friend. What made the situation more disgusting was that the two essentially started their relationship when Ari’s dog was put to sleep. They then hooked up with each other in her bed while the 38-year-old was away for her grandmother’s funeral. So yeah, some bad karma was bound to come back around! And it came in the form of Rachel breaking his heart.

But damn. Even we can recognize how much it must have sucked to go through all of this drama and intense backlash only for you to end up alone at the end of the day. While Tom was “in love” with Rachel, did she reciprocate those feelings? The restaurant owner certainly hopes so! He said:

“I hope she did. The way she just shooed me away, I don’t know, I’m not in her head.”

The 40-year-old went on to say that he wanted to seek mental health treatment after their split. However, he was unable to do so since he already committed to touring with his band before their cheating scandal was revealed — and he desperately needed “to make money,” he explained:

“Every single month, all the bills come out of my accounts. The mortgage comes out of my account every month. So, while Ariana’s shooting all these ads, she’s six months behind in bills.”

Oof. The exes awkwardly had to live in the same house together, even after their nasty breakup, but it sounds like things have changed recently. The Bravolebrity shared that they’ve taken some steps to separate their lives once and for all:

“She’s currently staying in some place. We don’t talk. We have a go-between, whether it’s my assistant or a friend.”

Good for Ariana! It’s about time these two are no longer under the same roof!

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