Kim Kardashian Sneakily Engineered Kanye West & Julia Fox’s Breakup?!

Julia Fox has more to say about her breakup with Kanye West!

Although the 33-year-old actress claimed she ended the month-long relationship shortly after her 32nd birthday — because he was too much of a baby — it turns out that there’s a lot more to the breakup story. And Kim Kardashian was involved!

Julia claims in her new memoir Down the Drain that Kanye called her one day in February 2022, saying he “had a good conversation with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and discovered a lot of information about me.” About Julia? What did Kim know about Julia? She allegedly told Ye that Julia struggled with drug addiction.

It’s actually something from Julia’s past that she’s been pretty open about. But why did Kim feel the need to tell Ye? Strange, right? Like she was looking out for him? Trying to keep him safe? Seems odd considering where they were in their relationship. Maybe she was worried about who was around her kids?? That makes more sense to us.

In any case, Kim’s little intervention worked. Ye apparently felt betrayed! During the phone call, the 46-year-old rapper said he “didn’t know a drug addict” as if the model had “duped him.” However, Julia insisted she had been honest with him about her past heroin addiction from the very start. He just didn’t listen to her. (Frankly that tracks with what we’ve heard of Kanye as a partner.) The Uncut Gems star recalled replying:

“I told you! Maybe if you listened more. And not to mention, so were you!”

Or if she’d been Kim he would have listened? Clearly he heard it coming from his ex… Things got very intense very quickly then — Julia says she began “yelling,” then Kanye jabbed at one point:

“You said you wouldn’t embarrass me.”

Finally, Julia had enough. This ended up being her final call with Ye because she immediately hung up the phone and told her publicist to announce their breakup. Damn. Julia wrote:

“I refuse to let him hear me crying, so I hang up and tell my publicist to inform the press that we are over.”

Wow. Would Julia and Kanye have lasted a little longer if Kim hadn’t gotten involved? Who knows! But Julia dodged a bullet, you know, given how he treats his ex-wife and current wife…

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