Prince Harry turned up at a Heart of Invictus screening in San Diego on Monday

I will start watching Heart of Invictus later on today, because I have a car appointment and I’ll probably be there for hours. I’ve been slightly surprised by the lack of promotion for the docuseries this week, but maybe Harry will do a bigger push next week ahead of the Invictus Games. I’m just saying, we’re due for some disruptor interviews from Harry. Harry saying ANYTHING in print or on TV always causes a full meltdown on Salt Island. I’m ready for it.

In the meantime, it turns out that Harry visited San Diego on Monday, all to attend a screening of Heart of Invictus. He spoke to the theatergoers and posed for selfies! He really flew under the radar too. No one had any idea that he traveled down to San Diego – Chula Vista, to be exact – until he appeared at this theater. The selfie and video is from IG user bonnie_pham.

Kind of wonder if Harry has some good friends in San Diego. Back in June, he also turned up in the city for the Warrior Games. He also spent time in Southern California in 2011, back when he was based at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, California and training to fly Apache helicopters.

Photos courtesy of the Today Show, Instar, Cover Images and Instagram.

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