Tinashe Downplays Chris Brown's Mean Tweets, Open to Reconciling

Chris Brown gave Tinashe the dragging of a lifetime this week but the “BB/Ang3l” singer’s not tripping — she’s calling the incident water under a bridge she’s already driving across!!!

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with Tinashe Wednesday in Hollywood, and she didn’t seem too pressed about Chris — her former collaborator — openly bashing her discography in response to one of her latest interviews.

ICYMI, Tinashe didn’t recall having positive memories working with either Chris or R. Kelly — but said the issue with Chris was the track the label chose for them to record.

Tinashe tells us she doesn’t think Chris watched the full clip, and merely got sucked into social media clickbait. He fired back by asking the public to name 5 Tinashe songs to save their life … and already had the graveyard mapped out.

Tinashe said she’d be open to having a conversation with Chris in an effort to clear things up, but also suggested it’s low on her priority list.

On the other hand, she is excited about her upcoming shows where she promises to incorporate new dance routines for fans.

“Player,” the song she recorded with Chris back in the day isn’t even on her setlist these days — she’s got a new EP worth of material to perform!!!

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