images show how animals attempt to escape the summer heat

Paw pets! Animals find hilarious ways to escape the end of summer heat – including bathing in an ice bucket full of beer

  • Bored Panda has shared images of the cutest pets seeking refuge from the heat
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While parts of the UK revel in the last few remnants of the summer heat, it seems certain pets can’t wait to be rid of the steamy weather.

News blog Bored Panda has compiled a selection of images from around the world that show the cutest pets seeking refuge from sweltering temperatures.

In one image, an adorable pup is snapped clinging to an ice cold can of Coca Cola while its owner cradles it in his arms.

Meanwhile one hound dived right in to an ice bucket full of bottled beer, appearing to lounge there until further notice.

Elsewhere one kitten was spotted laying flat on its back while its trusted owner soothed it with a portable fan.

Melting hearts! How cool – literally – is this dog right now? This hound found the perfect spot to chillout and relax in the summer heat

Refreshing! Australia’s heat proved a little too intense for this adorable pup. The ice cold Coca Cola can obviously hit the spot

Cat’s got your popsicle! This adorable kitten was treated to a very tasty cool down session

While some images are downright hilarious, others show pets looking absolutely adorable as the they try any means necessary to get some cool shade.

One cute pup appears relaxed while clutching a large chunk of ice, meanwhile a few dogs took it upon themselves to lay sprawled out across a shop floor – supposedly yo catch some of the store’s air conditioning.

Keep scrolling for more images of the most adorable pets. 

Fan-tastic! This cute kitten was treated to a home-based spa session courtesy of its  loyal owner

Ice ice baby! This little pup’s Australia-based owner says he ‘loves ice on hot days’

It’s odd but it works! Over in the US, this cute dog was lucky enough to fit in the kitchen sink on a hot summer’s day

Cool cat! This cat’s owner brought it in for a little cool down in front of the air conditioning, and it didn’t want to leave…

Hide and heat! This corgi makes for an adorable sight as it lays all curled up away from the heat

Over in Turkey, this shop owner lets stray dogs sleep in his store so they can cool down under the air conditioning

Taking to US forum Reddit, social media users have questioned how thus crafty hound managed to fit in the fridge

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