Woman Smashes Street Performer's Piano to the Ground During Billy Joel Song

A woman in Georgia is being labeled a serious party pooper after aggressively slamming her hands on a street performer’s piano … knocking the instrument to the ground.

Here’s the deal … a video going viral on social media shows the young woman approach the performer, named Andrew, twice as he plays and sings Billy Joel‘s “Piano Man” on the sidewalk in Athens, GA.

On the first go-round, she slams the keys in the middle of his song … but then returns later in the evening to pull the same stunt, causing the piano to fall to the ground. She then appears to reach into his tip jar, Andrew says she took money, but that’s unclear.

Internet sleuths outed the woman from the video as Shauntae Heard, and now she’s apologizing for her actions.

Shauntae says … “I’m sorry for everyone that has seen the viral video. I have took accountability for my actions. I know it was wrong and ignorant of me but please keep my family out of it. Y’all problem is with me not my family you don’t get anything out of texting them or me and I have already apologize to the person we have talk.”

She adds … “Everything is good no I didn’t steal any money, and I didn’t break the piano I’m a human just like you all. Everyone has made mistakes nobody isn’t perfect again I’m sorry, For my actions I’ve seen worse downtown this is nothing compared to what I did and I know it’s not right.”

Shauntae says she later spoke with the street performer on the phone and he accepted her apology.

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