Domino’s brings popular Xmas pizza back – but people say it’s missing something

Domino's announced the return of its Festive One pizza.

The limited edition menu item is a firm favourite among fast food fans at Christmastime – but unfortunately, some have pointed out a problem with it.

It consists of a hand-stretched pizza base topped with turkey breast, classic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, crispy smoked bacon and onions, with cranberry sauce drizzled on top.

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Most Christmas dinner staples are present on the Festive One – but there's a key item that foodies think they're missing.

On social media, a critic pointed out: "It’s missing the stuffing!" Another suggested: "Stuffing bits and sprout shavings would make this immense."

A third wrote: "Get some stuffing on it then you've got a winner!" And a fourth added: "It just needs sprouts and stuffing to be perfect."

The Festive One is available until January 2, 2024 – and it's not the only Christmassy treat in the Domino's line-up.

Customers can now get hold of new Loaded Fries that combine crispy chips with cheese sauce and melted mozzarella.

Alternatively, they can try Twisted Dough Balls in a chocolate cinnamon flavour that tastes great at this time of year.

Sam Wilson, Merry Menu Maker at Domino’s, said: “Our fans love The Festive One, so much so they demand its return every year. And who are we to argue?

"This year, we’re bringing back the sweet and tangy cranberry drizzle, as well as our marinated pulled turkey, giving our fans the perfect festive bite.

"Even better, you can now enjoy your festive slice with our new Loaded Fries with Cheese. Talk about the ultimate present!”

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