Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Tuesday, September 26


You’ve been so focused on work and social responsibilities that you have been neglecting the needs of someone you care for. This will be brought to your attention today when you discover they have been hiding a worrying health or money issue from you.


A seeming avalanche of responsibilities puts you under immense pressure. Not only do you have your own duties to attend to but you could find yourself having to cover for an absent workmate or sick relative. You might wonder how you are going to manage to cope with it all.


A new friend or housemate seems so unsure of themselves that they seek guidance about the most trivial of matters. They need to be encouraged to think for themselves. Let them know they can and should get on with things without constantly turning to you for your opinions.


Problems will crop up in a group concern and as they do, some members of your team will be conspicuous by their absence. You won’t be happy that you have been left having to sort out some complicated matters without any help or support.


Costs involved in a charity venture or new work assignment will not be minimal. Although there will be benefits to taking up this offer you will need to work out whether the balance of cost and benefits is an equal one. You’re growing tired of a friend’s company when they are sticking almost obsessively to the one topic.


You might be surprised by how sensitive you are to a loved one’s feelings. You wonder if you can trust your intuition. Their response is enough to prove you can. You will instinctively know what to do to be able to solve a relative’s dilemma. They will be glad they confided in you.


A partner or close friend is ignoring the need to tackle a touchy topic. This cannot be left any longer and if they continue to refuse to cooperate you may have to deal with this yourself. Borrowing money is not the answer to solving a financial problem.


Someone will suggest a different approach to routine tasks and although at first you won’t be keen to change your ways, you might find yourself growing more interested in these new methods. Everyday chores will take on a new meaning as you are willing to experiment.


You need to find ways to get your finances back on track before a difficult situation starts to cause you too much stress. Finding ways to increase your income might be one solution. Money should not be a taboo subject within your household.

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People are hoping you will agree with them and that’s why they are asking for your views. They won’t be happy if you don’t respond as they are hoping. You will prefer to keep well out of it. You have no wish to be involved in matters that don’t concern you.


You might feel you can’t keep up with everything that is going on around you. Activities in the home and workplace keep you on your toes. Delegate responsibilities where you can. Don’t be surprised when you become the centre of attention as you work with a group towards a mutual goal.


You and a close friend or partner can’t see eye to eye on many matters. This is an unpleasant situation and you’re beginning to suspect that things aren’t ever going to work between you. You aren’t sure what is going on but you are preparing to walk away.

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