I make £20k a month from hairy body – ditching the razor keeps creeps away

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    A model who claims to make £20,000 a month from her hairy body revealed that her fuzz does not stop her from dating – and actually comes in handy.

    Cherry,25, from the US, decided to ditch the razor earlier this year after a fan paid her $7,000 (£5,641) to never shave again. Since then, the saucy content creator has let her fuzzy pits and bits run wild.

    Alongside raking in the cash, the brunette beauty has also racked up an impressive social media following with over 135,000 TikTok followers. Cherry – known as Itty Bitty Cherry to fans – often shares snippets of what it's like being an unshaven woman.

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    And recently, she shared an insight into her dating her life. In the clip that racked up thousands of views, the stunner rocked a pair of grey figure-hugging shorts and a red cropped jumper which hid most of her hairy body parts.

    Cherry then answered a common question that she often receives, with that being "what if no one wants to date you cause you don't shave?"

    The hairy model shrugged her shoulders and lip synced to an audio that declared: "What if?"

    After she brushed off the comment about dating, she revealed that her hairy body comes in handy for keeping the 'creeps' away. "It's actually a wonderful creep repellent and that isn't how I define my worth," Cherry explained.

    Many fans fled to the comments to compliment Cherry and some said that they would love to date her. "You inspire me so much," one fan admitted. "I just love your account and it actually helped me fighting with this insecurity."

    Another user added: "Oh, I don’t think she will ever have to worry about that. She’s a gorgeous woman." While a third voiced: "I'd date you for years and years and years."

    Someone else declared: "Hairy women rule." Meanwhile, a fifth said: "I'll date you and adore you."

    Previously in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Cherry opened up about her plans to stay hairy. "Only if someone paid me a lot of money to do it," Cherry admitted when asked if she'd remove her body hair. "Otherwise I’m good – it’s my niche and natural is beautiful.

    "I embrace my natural nails, lashes, and the hair on my head. So it only makes sense my body hair is natural too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to shave, though.

    "I totally get that delicious feeling of climbing into clean sheets with freshly shaved legs. But it’s not worth shaving for me now."

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