I talk to ghosts for a living – one even asked me to marry him

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    It's safe to say that being a ghost hunter isn't your average job.

    And Amanda Paulson, who hunts down the supernatural for a living, says that's exactly correct. The brunette beauty, from Washington, US, has shared some of her wildest ghost stories in an exclusive chat with Daily Star. And it may make you want to hide under your duvet this Halloween.

    Amanda, who also calls herself a 'witch', says she first became interested in ghosts at the age of seven – when she had her first paranormal experience. She told us: "I lived in a haunted duplex in the state of Montana. My dolls would move on their own at night and I would have nightmares about our basement being haunted.

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    "After that I was terrified of all things paranormal but by the time I turned 18, my fear turned to fascination. So I decided to start ghost hunting on a team and my interest in ghosts has been growing never since."

    Talking about starting her career, she added: "I found a local ghost hunting team on Facebook. I had read books and watched TV shows about ghost hunting and knew that being part of a team that traveled to different locations would be a great opportunity for me to gain a better perspective on the paranormal."

    Asked what her wildest experience ever with a ghost was, Amanda admitted one spirit wanted to marry her. She shared: The first time I ever used a Ouija board, I was fresh out of high school and staying at a friends new apartment.

    "We decided to do the Ouija board exactly how the internet had said to – no phones, no electronics, no lights. Only candlelight.

    "When we started using the board, the answers came through immediately, saying that the ghost of an 1800s man wanted marry me!

    "Around this moment, there had been a fly buzzing around us, annoyingly. I asked my new ghostly friend if he could take care of it. That’s when the fly suddenly flew into our candle and lit itself on fire."

    Amanda also claims she can talk to the dead – but says it "doesn’t look like how you see it on TV". She shared: "I can feel spirits emotions, and see images that tell stories of the dead.

    "However, this comes primarily from the living. So, sometimes spirits can come through but I mostly focus on reading how the living is feeling and the memories that they have about the dead."

    The ghost hunter is 'very accepting and understanding' of people who don't believe in ghosts – and even admits she's had times over the years when she's found it hard to believe herself.

    She said: "My goal is not to turn disbelievers. My goal is to help bring empathy, understanding and courage to those who do believe in ghosts."

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    Disbelievers often troll her over her career, but Amanda says she doesn't care, as hunting ghosts 'helps her come to terms with her own mortality' and 'helps her live a more fulfilling life'. "I hope they find a belief or interest that brings fulfilment to them too," she says.

    Asked how she can tell somewhere is haunted, she told us: "It's all about emotions. I focus on how a place feels. I pay attention to emotions like sadness, euphoria, nostalgia, deja vu or experiences like synchronicity and liminality to tell me if a place is haunted. I’ve found that these emotions are often connected to a haunting."

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