Time to ditch your MacBook? Apple hints something better will launch tomorrow

There’s another big week ahead for Apple fans with the US technology giant confirming that it’s holding a major launch event tomorrow, October 30. The grand unveiling gets underway from 8pm ET (that’s 12am BST October 31) and it looks set to be all about the Mac. Although Apple always keeps its upcoming unveilings closely under wraps, the firm has released an invite to the showcase which not only includes the tagline “Scary Fast” but also an image of an Apple logo that magically transforms into the famous smiling Mac icon from the 80s.

We’ll find out full details tomorrow night (early Tuesday if you’re in the UK) but there’s already plenty of speculation about what could be revealed during this event including a new, and pretty mighty, M3 processor range.

Apple’s silicon has been leading the way since the first M1-powered MacBooks were revealed all the way back in 2020. The M2 series, which followed in 2022, has also received rave reviews but it seems Apple isn’t stopping there.

The M3 chip could take things to a whole new level of performance and also be far more efficient than anything that’s launched before. If true, it could mean even faster speeds for MacBook users along with better battery life.

As well as showing off its refreshed silicon, we’re also expecting Apple to unleash some new hardware including the launch of a fully rebooted iMac. This 24-inch all-in-one desktop PC hasn’t seen any changes since the M1-powered machine was released back in 2021.

A new iMac could feature that more impressive M3 chip along with a brighter screen, new mouse and keyboard accessories (with USB-C charging and extra colours to choose from.

We’ve also been expecting an iMac option with a bigger screen so maybe that might be shown off as well during the event.

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Of course, new MacBook Pros could also get a grand unveiling and feature the more impressive M3 silicon. Maybe we’ll see a refresh to the smaller 13-inch MacBook Air as well.

One thing we know for sure is that Apple is holding an event tomorrow, it will be all about the Mac and now is definitely a bad day to rush out to buy a new laptop as something a lot better could be arriving in stores very soon.

Express.co.uk will bring you all the news live from Apple’s “Scary Fast” event so watch this space to find out full details.

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