I'm a flight attendant – here's how I got revenge on 'fake vegetarian'

I’m a flight attendant – here’s how I got revenge on a passenger who faked being vegetarian to get a better meal

  • The anonymous British woman took to Reddit to explain the situation  
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An anonymous cabin crew member has revealed how she caught out a ‘fake vegetarian’ with ‘malicious compliance’.

The British woman took to Reddit to share how she dealt with a lying passenger who claimed to be a vegetarian to get his desired meal, despite it already running out.

A flippant tone and an empty packet of bacon flavoured crisps by the passenger’s seat led the flight attendant to believe that he was faking the dietary requirement.

When the flight attendant realised that the vegetarian meals had run out, she got revenge by putting together a bland salad with ingredients from first class. As she presented the ‘first class’ meal to the passenger, his faced fell. He quickly dropped the charade and asked for the chicken meal.

Since sharing the post, hundreds of people have flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on the situation, and many are divided.

A flight attendant has revealed how she got revenge on a passenger who pretended to be a vegetarian to get a better meal (stock image) 

In the post titled: ‘Fake Vegetarian on Flight’, the air hostess explained: ‘Okay so just to preface this. I’m a Cabin Crew member (Flight Attendant). I’ve been doing it for over 10 years. 

‘Any issues that crop up during my work day I will bend over backwards to accommodate people, if I can. 

‘However, there are unfortunately a handful of people that are dishonest to try and get what they want. 

‘Fake injuries to try and get upgraded, fake birthdays, you name it, people have tried it and believe you me, I’ve had loads of scenarios where people try to cheat the system because it makes them feel special or that they have one upped me, I guess?

‘Let me tell you about a fake vegetarian I had on board… He was flying in economy (coach) in the 2nd from last row. He wanted the pasta option. 

‘I apologised and told him due to popular demand we had ran out in the middle of the cabin, but we had the chicken option instead if he wanted that. 

‘Without skipping a beat he said “I’m a vegetarian. Last time they brought me a meal from business class, so I will just wait for that”.

‘Now, this is something I would have offered anyway as a nicety, (if available), as I’m not too much of a d*** and I genuinely like helping people out, if I can. (After all, it’s a 747, not a 7-Eleven, as the saying goes).

‘Anyway, the way he just expected it right off the bat before I could even offer a solution left a slightly bad taste in my mouth. 

‘And also I smelled a rat. I was 99% sure that I had cleared in an empty packet of smoky bacon crisps from him earlier on, and no, they weren’t a veggy brand as I have the same ones occasionally. 

‘I was certain that he was being picky and wanted a higher quality meal. (Plus, any regular flyer would know how often we run out of the veggy option and to preorder a veggy meal). 

‘I said: “It’s unfortunate that you didn’t pre order a vegetarian meal, I will see what I can do for you though, just give me 5 mins to finish up here”.

‘Anyway, I went up to Business Class. They had also ran out of the veggy option. So I went up to First Class and asked if they could spare anything. 

‘We ended up putting a few leaves together with a bit of dressing. (They spend £1000s more up there and can dine at any time, so they didn’t want me taking any of the hot veggy options in case someone wanted it later. Fair enough). 

‘Then I thought… I could probably have some fun with this fake Vegetarian. Cue malicious compliance.

‘I brought it back down on a silver tray and held it above his eyeline so he couldn’t see what it was.

‘I explained that unfortunately the vegetarian business class option had run out, then he went to cut me off so he could complain, but I held up my hand and said “However, I managed to go one step further and I got the last vegetarian meal from FIRST CLASS.”

‘Then I pulled the linen cloth off the top of the tray as I placed the salad down in front of him. (It really was a very basic but large salad and his face said it all.)

‘His face went from a smug: “Haha, I worked the system” to “Wt* is that?!” within 2/3 seconds flat.

‘He then said: “I wanted something hot, I’ll just have the chicken then”. I put on a shocked face and said: “I cannot give you that Sir, I would feel awful.” 

‘He responded with “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine”. I gave him an “Are you sure you’re vegetarian?”‘ look and brought back the chicken, by which point it had been sat drying up in the oven a little bit longer. Bon appetit.’

The cabin crew member concluded: ‘Just to say, even if he was a real vegetarian, he should have pre-ordered. Same goes for Gluten Free, Vegan, Children’s Meal, Diabetic, etc…’ 

Hundreds of Reddit users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the flight attendant’s revenge. 

One supported the woman’s decision and said: ‘I love it! I am vegetarian and I always preorder. And even with preordering, some flights run out of vegetarian options. Sigh. I’ve never been offered anything more than a bag of chips as a “sorry” for that.

You are a great cabin crew member for doing that for the vegetarians! And I loved this malicious compliance!’

A third wrote: ‘This is more than malicious compliance. This is malicious above and beyond, lol.’ 

Another joked and said: ‘I’d call that chicken karma.’ 

However, some were on the side of the passenger with one writing: ‘I’m not a vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I eat meat for every meal. 

‘And airline chicken is just… foul. I wonder why they don’t make a point to have more pasta meals available without preordering? Seems easier and a lot cheaper too.’ 

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