Robert Kardashian concerned over treatment of son Rob decades after death

Celebrity psychic medium Chris Medina encountered Robert Kardashiana few years ago, who told him he was concerned with the treatment over his son, Rob Kardashian.

Chris was born with psychic abilities but didn't turn it into a profession until "guides" came to him in 2014 and explained he needed to take a new route in his life. He has worked with countless celebrities over the years, including the cast of Vanderpump Rules, the Real Housewives and other A-list stars who's identities he has to keep under wraps.

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In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the dad-of-two opened up about his life as a psychic and discussed his encounter with the late Robert Kardashian. Chris explained that the former attorney expressed concern over his son and how he couldn't agree with the way Rob was being treated at the time.

"When it came to Robert Kardashian, I learned that he was upset as to what was going on with his son," Chris explained. "He was concerned with Rob's mental health and mental wellbeing. How everything was being conducted wasn't something he would agree with.

"But when Robert came through, everything got dark right away. It was sunny outside and the clouds starting coming in so there was a lot of emotion based around his visit as to what he really wanted to say." Chris confessed that he encounters people that have passed away on a daily basis and that he is never alone in his house.

He explained: "It's every day and it takes a lot out of me afterward. That ghost doesn't just leave after your session is done and it doesn't just come alone. "It comes with different entities or spirits that come attached to it because it is because it picks up on somebody that's able to read them. Chris added: "My house is active at night. My roommate hears footsteps at night. He's felt somebody sit on his bed touch him.

"If this had been 10 or 12 years ago then he'd be freaked out but now we're so used to it. The celeb psychic went on to reveal that had an encounter with legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who died aged 27 in 1970, while at a party which was held across the road from where the singer once lived. He said: "I went to somebody's house that lived in the canyon where Jimi Hendrix lived and it was like a big party there at this house and Jimi Hendrix just walked past me.

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"It was just his spirit. I said, 'I know this sounds weird but Jimi Hendrix is here' and the guy goes, 'Oh, he lived right across the way right there' and he was like 'I bet you he came over here to party'." Chris explained that at the start of his career as a psychic, his best friend at the time began booking podcasts and radio stations to put his name out into the world.

He said: "The first thing he booked was Comic Con in Portland, Oregon, and I got to read the cast of The Walking Dead. I read the original Incredible Hulk. I then read the people from Twin Peaks and it just snowballed." Chris now offers unique readings in which he reveals what information he is receiving regarding each individual person surrounding their life, path, career, and possible messages from the other side.

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