Woman undergoes breast reduction surgery and unveils six-week transformation

A woman revealed her six week post-operation breast reduction transformation.

Sam decided to go under the knife in order to decrease the size of her chest and documented her journey to recovery on TikTok. By doing so, the brunette managed to rack up thousands of videos from those engrossed about the reality of such intimate surgery.

After sharing her gruelling recovery from day one, Sam detailed her pain scale which reached its worst on day four where she felt "sick and nauseous." But after resting in bed and refraining from any hefty forms of psychical activities, Sam is nearly "fully healed."

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And with having her tubes and dressings taken off, Sam posted on TikTok to flaunt her "official" six week results. In the viral clip, she first shared what she looked like before the procedure.

Sam rocked a grey crop top where her pre-op boobs sat close to her waist. After lip synching to song, she then revealed what she looks like now – and her smile has certainly got bigger. The beauty beamed with happiness as she danced in a white crop top where her boobs rested further up her body.

"Long intro but almost fully healed," she gushed in the caption to the clip.

Amazed at Sam's transformation, many people fled to the comments to express their happiness for her.

One person commented: "I’m soooo happy for you!!! I bet your quality of life has probably drastically improved!!"

Another user added: "Happy for you. You probably feel so much better (back wise)."

While a third voiced: "Wow. You look a similar size to me and I'm seriously considering it."

Someone else shared: "I love it!! Yay!!! I had mine done July 19th!! Best thing I ever did in my life!"

Meanwhile, a fifth noted: "F*** yes."

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