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ANTIQUES Roadshow guests have revealed how they were forced to flee the set of the show amid adverse weather conditions and were left feeling seriously let down by the BBC. 

The guests were in for a shock when they went to witness and participate in the Cardiff Roadshow.

Siblings and their spouses who appeared on the BBC show have revealed their disappointment at being left wet, hungry and tired after participating in a recent episode.

The Antiques Roadshow episode at Alexandra Gardens aired on Sunday, October 8, on BBC1 and was presented by Fiona Bruce, who was accompanied by many knowledgeable experts.

The guests came up with the idea to go on the show after a few too many glasses of red wine. 

One 'jokey text' message led to another, and before they knew it, the group, which included a brother, sister and their partners, applied to feature on the Antiques Roadshow.

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A few years before applying for the show, it emerged that the assemblage's guilty pleasure was watching the Sunday evening slot of the popular show, which had become a TV staple in their homes since childhood.

Even though they lived 'a few hundred miles apart' without fail, on a Sunday night, they exchanged pictures of roasting fires, glasses of wine, and cheese boards while watching the show in the background. 

The foursome would also play the valuation game, where they pretended to know everything about antiques.

During an episode in April, Fiona Bruce announced where the next episodes would be filmed. 

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Both Cardiff and Leeds- where they lived- were on the list, so they applied for the show. 

After being successfully picked, the BBC gave the team four tickets to feature in the upcoming episodes and bring along any old items.

Even though they were sceptical about the weather, they prepared themselves and were ready to go.

When they arrived at the roadshow in Cardiff, the tables were dotted all around the venue where the experts sat.

If the experts saw someone in the queue with something exciting or eye-catching, they'll tell the production team to pull them to one side. 

There were a handful of sites where the cameras were set up, but other than that, the people who had been invited could walk freely and take their items to experts.

One of the four brought along a watch that had belonged to her grandfather, so they joined the queue to speak to the experts. 

As they queued up, they took it in turns to walk towards the table, have a nosy and play their own interactive game of "guess the price". 

The guest explained the set-up of the area once they arrived and said: "Across the site, a number of fixed filming points were set up, and it was there you were whisked if you had something of interest. 

"So long as you paid attention, you could clock those and go along, listen, watch, oooh and gasp when the value was announced. 

"Given that was what we were interested in, we became pretty good at following the cameras round.

"At each venue, a number of shows are filmed, so the episode to be screened on Sunday, October 8 is 'Cardiff 1', and there are more to follow from the day we were there to come in this series."

The group walked around and passed the experts they shared their Sunday nights with for years, including the charismatic Andy McConnell, who was valuing a vintage bottle of Smirnoff vodka worth way less than they expected. 

Expert Mark Hill was teaching the owner of a metal toy and his son all there is to know about the item they had brought in.

The guest recalled: "It was fascinating seeing the things people brought and their pride in showing them off, but more amazing watching the experts know so much without a jot of research.

"I did see the odd reference book, but on the whole, they could just reel off facts and figures off the tops of their heads."

As they stood watching jewellery expert Joanna Hardy valuing some rings, it started to rain, and she tried to persevere, but the rain got so heavy filming had to stop.

The friends recall not having a tent to stand under, or any food to eat which made them decide to leave early. 

The guest explained: "There were some mutterings that there was no tea tent there, if ever I expected an excellent piece of Victoria sponge and a great cup of tea it was here, and especially on a rainy day, but alas, it wasn’t to be.”

The gang ended up sneaking out early due to the bad weather and ended up missing Fiona Bruce. 

They did see her briefly pop along in the afternoon, missing the worst of the rain to film her parts, meet her fans and play the "basic, better, best" game. 

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Even though they didn't have the best experience on the set of the show, the team of four are fans of the show till this day.

The Cardiff episode of Antiques Roadshow is on BBC iPlayer.

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