MAFS Chanita Stephenson: "Luke has shown his true colours and paid the price"

This week of Married At First Sight UK has seen physical fights, dramatic returns, emotional lows and even a groom getting booted off.

And as Luke Worley has said his goodbyes, with his wife Jay Howard on his arm, after being asked to leave, OK! columnist and MAFS alum Chanita Stephenson believes that the reality star has shown his 'true colours'.

While she also looks back on a dramatic retreat, which saw familiar faces Ella Morgan and JJ Slater re-enter the experiment as a couple, and gives her thoughts on the recent partner-swapping challenge.

The retreat

Laura and Arthur had a tough week as the group were all saying that she talks down to him, which I do think she does. I think it is a mothering nature she is having towards him, and if you’re having a mother-son dynamic then that is a massive alarm bell. I do really like Laura as a person, I love how she stands her ground and is a support for other people in the experiment, but I’m not sure about their relationship.

JJ and Ella came back into the experiment and I think they weren’t expecting anyone to have a problem with their return, but of course people are. Erica and Jordan were honest with their thoughts and I feel like they got scapegoated a bit, because they weren’t the only ones asking why Ella and JJ were allowed to return but were the only ones that were blamed.

We had the same thing last year with Matt and Whitney, who returned to the show, but I feel that it was spoken about more by the experts. Although I have to say, I am loving all of Ella’s outfit’s, she’s been so stylish throughout the experiment.

Saying goodbye to Jay and Luke

I find it interesting that prior to Jordan entering the show, Luke was very outspoken and was always getting involved in the drama. For example, in one of the early dinner parties he called Laura a gold digger.

But then, Jordan came along and is also outspoken, but can articulate himself and communicate his emotions better than Luke can. So now, Luke has a problem with it, despite the fact that he was doing the same thing before. I think Luke has shown his true colours and he should never have turned it into a violent situation, that was the completely wrong thing to do.

While he apologised, I think he was more sorry that he got heated and it was all caught on camera, rather than for getting violent with Jordan. I felt bad for Jay because she was on her own trying to stand up for herself when finding out about what Luke had said, and she obviously wasn’t sure what to do when he turned it violent towards Jordan.

While they hopefully have found what they entered the show for in each other and will stay together, Luke did take away Jay’s chance to finish the experiment, which I hope he has remorse for.

On the rocks

I really felt for Georges this week because Peggy is still always pointing out his flaws, I don’t think it’s fair. She always talks about the group not liking him but we want to know more about whether she likes him. He must be really strong emotionally because I feel like each week, his self-worth and esteem must take a real beating, which would be so difficult. I wish Peggy would realise what she has and start saying some nice things about him, we’re really lacking that.

It was a tough week for Sean and Mark, but we haven’t really seen enough of them to know why. I feel like there was a great connection between them when they met, but now Sean suddenly is having doubts and we don’t know why.

It’s not adding up much as a viewer and I think because they came into the show so late, there hasn’t been enough time to see their relationship dynamic. I felt that Sean saying the reason he wouldn’t choose anyone else to be married to was because there was no other options was the worst choice of words. He keeps dropping bombs on Mark but then leaves before they can discuss it, which must be so difficult for Mark.

Partner swap week

I really enjoyed watching Adrienne and Georges together during partner swap week, it was nice to see them both have such a fun day and Georges so happy. Adrienne was sceptical going in, due to the group’s thoughts on Georges, but had a really good time. So, that makes me wonder if the group have just decided not to like Georges without getting to know him properly.

I thought they were a really good pairing and it did show what they were both missing in their own relationships. It’s tough between Adrienne and her husband Matt because they are on different vibes and I do understand where she’s coming from when she says she needs the humour to be there, I’m the same when it comes to relationships.

That’s something I did have when I was on the show with my partner at the time Jordan, we always had a laugh. You want your partner to be your best friend and if she feels like she’s not getting the fun from Matt, it’s hard. But I know that it is a different situation and Matt might have had other stuff going on which meant he wasn’t able to showcase the fun side of his personality.

Laura was paired with Tom for the swap and I thought they were good together, it definitely made her question how Arthur would fit into her life after the show. When you get to that stage in the experiment, and you like someone, you do start to wonder how they will fit into your life and gel with your family and friends.

I don’t think she can see Arthur slotting in there and, even on the wedding day, her friends weren’t big fans of Arthur. I’m not sure I can see them going all the way.

I still love Tom and Rozz and am really happy to see them flourishing. Tom seems really sweet, caring and thoughtful, which are things I always look for in a partner. So, I think Rozz has done really well on the husband front. I loved seeing them come back together after the partner swaps and he brought her a really sweet gift, I like them.

Trouble in paradise

Tasha and Paul had a big argument this week and it was the first time we have really seen them clash, Paul looked scared in the morning. It was off camera, so we don’t know what it was about, but it must have been bad because he said that she got in his face and things like that.

Paul seems like a really chilled and lovely man, whereas she is fiery, so i can only imagine the power dynamic between them – Tasha definitely wears the trousers. I don’t think Tasha is getting painted in a very good light, bless her. I think when someone, especially someone you love, gets physically aggressive towards you, it alters your thought process. It will make him think, ‘is she going to do this again to me?’.

She told him that it wouldn’t happen again but even the way she said that seemed quite anger-driven. It has been insightful to see that other side of their relationship, no relationship is perfect and you do have off days and arguments, but I’m intrigued to know how it started. It unfortunately has highlighted Tasha’s temper. I think they will get through it but it’s just a bump for them.

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