Men in Kilts fans want to know if there will be a season 3

Men in Kilts Exclusive: Sam Heughan teases co-star Graham McTavish

Men in Kilts has proved popular with Outlander fans – so are there plans for a third season? 

Outlander stars and real-life friends Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are the stars of the documentary Men in Kilts on Lionsgate+ in the UK and Starz in the US. 

Together, the actors go on a roadtrip to discover more of the rich and complex heritage of their native Scotland, widening their own horizons as well as viewers’. 

The first series saw the pair travel around Scotland itself, while the second, which came out on Friday, August 11, went around New Zealand. 

Not only was this the perfect chance to delve into some of its Scottish connections, but New Zealand is also where McTavish lives nowadays and where he worked on The Hobbit movies.

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Will there be a Men in Kilts season 3? 

As of yet, there has been no talk on whether or not Men in Kilts will be returning for a third season. 

The second series came out mid-August and since then, the Outlander actors have kept tight-lipped on the show’s future. 

However, according to EW, director Kevin Johnston has thought about where the show could go next if it does get renewed. 

The publication reported: “Season three has yet to be greenlit, though Johnston says if he had his druthers they’d head to Japan next.”

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According to the Scottish government’s website, there have been links between Scotland and Japan since the mid 19th Century. 

Scottish merchant Thomas Blake Glover became known as the Father of Japanese Industry for his work, leading to developments in mining, railway and shipbuilding. 

It also states that Japan is in the top 20 export destinations for Scotland, which was valued at a whopping £530 million back in 2017. 

So if Men in Kilts does return for a third season, there could be plenty of scope for Heughan and McTavish to look into.

Meanwhile, Outlander itself returned for season seven earlier this year, with lifelong fans ecstatic to see it make a comeback. 

But just as it seemed to get back into its stride, part one of season seven came to an end on August 11. 

Unfortunately, it may not be until 2024 that Outlander makes a comeback for part two. 

Men in Kilts is available to watch on Lionsgate+.

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