An American Bully dog bit students and a bus driver in Texas

Houston dog attack leaves multiple students and driver injured after American Bully charged on to school bus – with neighbor forced to fire his gun to scare the animal off 

  • The dog charged on to the Aldine ISD school bus at a stop on Breckenridge Drive and Bethnal Green Drive at 8am Wednesday as students screamed in terror
  • One of the students needed 14 stitches on his fingers, arms and legs
  • The dog was shot by a neighbor who tried to scare him off and treated at a veterinarian 

A vicious American Bully dog mauled two students and a school bus driver after barging its way on to the vehicle in Houston, Texas. 

The unleashed animal boarded the Aldine ISD school bus at a stop on Breckenridge Drive and Bethnal Green Drive at 8am Wednesday as students screamed in terror. 

A neighbor that lived nearby said her husband tried to scare off the dog by firing his gun. 

The school district reported that the driver and two students were taken to the hospital for their injuries and the student needed 14 stitches. 

The dog was shot and taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

The American Bully dog mauled two students and a school bus driver after barging its way on to the vehicle in Houston, Texas 

Shocking video shows the incident began when the dog approached a group of boys standing outside the bus. 

The dog jumps up and latches onto one of the boy’s arms setting off a terrifying chain of events.

As the boy struggles to get his arm out of the dog’s mouth, one of the kids on the bus says: ‘So none of ya’ll gonna get up and help him?’ 

The child and the dog then struggle with each other on the ground as three other boys stand around in shock. 

As the boy attempts to get up to board the bus, the dog latches onto his leg and students onboard begin to scream. 

The video says that the bus driver ‘sounded the horn to fend off the dog’ and gave time for students to find safety. 

Multiple children then run to the back of the vehicle and scream, as some of them start to stand on the seats. 

‘No, because that dog got in my backyard. It killed the cat. Like, there’s a video in my mama phone, like the dog was eating the cat alive,’ a female student says in the video. 

The video then goes black, and kids scream at the top of their lungs when the dog charges on to the bus. 

Sixth grader Dream Jackson witnessed the scary moment and told ABC 13: ‘It traumatized all of us, and now, none of us wants to sit at the front of the bus anymore.’ 

The dog wouldn’t let go of on boy’s arm (pictured) and was soon shot by a neighbor who tried to scare the dog off

The dog’s owner has not been charged, but did get an order that her American Bully has to quarantine for ten days, and has to be monitored for rabies at a vet

The young boy who was being attacked by the dog in the beginning of the video was later identified as Braylon Lawson.

Lawson’s family members revealed that he is now home and healing with 14 stitches throughout his body. 

His aunt Shakeena Davis said that her nephew was bit on his fingers, arms and legs and that ‘he thought his life was over.’ 

Aldine ISD police officers, medics, and Harris County Public Health responded to the scene. 

Vanessa Degollado, the mother of Eleazar, another student who was injured from the savage dog told ABC13: ‘Mentally, my son is scared right now. He was very shocked when I saw him. He was pale.’

The owner of the dog declined an on-camera interview but told ABC13 that Lawson had dog sat her American Bully, Kingston before. 

She claimed that ‘Kingston is not aggressive’ and somehow got loose from the kennel in her garage. 

The owner’s home surveillance footage showed the dog jumping and walking with the group of boys to the bus stop just before the attack. 

The neighbor that tried to intervene by firing his gun ended up striking the dog who later had to be taken to the veterinarian’s office for treatment. 

Under Texas state law, the Harris County’s Veterinary Public Health Division said that pets are considered personal property.

The dog’s owner said that his name is Kingston and that he ‘is not aggressive’. She said that he somehow got loose from his kennel in her garage 

The children who witnessed Wednesday’s attack say they have been left traumatized

The Harris County’s Veterinary Public Health Division said they could not issue a citation when officer arrived because the owner already had the dog confined. 

They did issue a mandatory ten-day quarantine for the American Bully and ordered that the dog also be monitored for rabies.

Family members of the students that were involved want charges to be filed against the dog’s owner. 

‘We have dogs, and when one of my dogs died, I cried.’

‘So, I don’t think this dog should be put down. But I don’t feel like he needs to be out. I feel like he needs to have better caretakers who can teach him not to be vicious,’ Davis said. 

The Aldine ISD Police Department said that no charges are being filed against the owner at this time. 

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