Incredible abandoned ghost ship floating hotel that is ‘haunted by spirits’ after tragic death led to its closure | The Sun

NESTLED deep in the jungle on an Idyllic island sits a floating abandoned hotel with a dark and tragic past.

The Galaxy Hotel – in Bali – was no normal holiday spot, as it's a refurbished seven-storey cruise ship.

Although once a popular place for tourists to kick back and relax, the building has now been left to rot and its closure remains shrouded in mystery.

Locals have dubbed the hotel a "ghost ship" and some believe it was shut down after severalpeople died after they jumped from the roof.

One reddit user said: "People have killed themselves by jumping [off] the top, and probably because the thing is creepy as hell."

But others say it was the death off a Russian tourist who plummeted to her death by accident which lead to its demise.

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Following the mysterious deaths it's now believed ghosts roam the corridors of the decaying shipand locals are so afraid they refuse to talk about it.

It's unclear when or why the cruiser was refurbished, but some speculate that it's time at sea came to an end following a leak.

Others believe the ship was deliberately sunk of the west coast of Bang Bao beach.

It is located close to Koh Chang island and used to be part of Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort – a spectacular array of artificial lakes, a gorgeous beach, wooden lodges, bungalows, chalets and floating houses. 

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The hotel closed more than twenty years ago but it now offers adventurous tourists to go and explore its spooky confines.

Visitors said even on a sunny day the area has a "spooky vibe" and a "very weird atmosphere."

One tourist from The Hungry Backpack said: "We had a weird feeling walking around these floating wooden houses as you can’t stop wonder what had happened.

"We found remote controls for A/Cs, flash lights and hairdryers simply laying around. Folded toilet paper and towels as if housekeeping had just made their rounds.

"Yet, everything was a bit mouldy and dusty, some things were broken and in desperate need for repairs and there was a strange rotten smell in the air."

The entry fee to visit the ship-shaped hotel is 150 baht per person (£3) and guests will receive a full tour of the property.

The first and second floors used to be meeting rooms and staff areas, while the third to fifth has about 200 guest rooms.

Some of the facilities inside the room — like TV, refrigerators, bed sheets, and towels — are still in their original condition.

The last two floors used to be a restaurant.

This is not the only haunted hotel to make the news recently.

Last month we told of a man who lives opposite one of the world's most haunted hotels.

Peet Montzingo has a VIP view of Los Angeles' Cecil Hotel – infamous for housing serial killers and the horror backdrop for a number of mysterious deaths.

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