My petty neighbour trims any leaf that TOUCHES his garden so I built a fence to shut him up… but he's still not happy | The Sun

A FUMING man who lives next to a petty neighbour built a privacy fence to keep him away – but it backfired.

This homeowner slammed the annoying guy next-door for trimming any leaf that even touches his garden.

To diffuse some of the tension, content creator @thecrabbyinnkeeper, revealed he built his own fence.

But the Bed & Breakfast host took to TikTok to dish out some neighbourhood drama.

In a video he said: "You would think that the neighbours would love this, but one guy ran over yesterday saying 'I thought you were more reasonable than this'.

"More reasonable? This guy trims every leaf that goes over the property line, you'd think he would be jumping for joy."

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He added a jibe about the neighbour: "He's nuts."

Baffled TikTok users flooded the comment section with messages of confusion over why the inconsiderate neighbour was objecting.

"He enjoyed thinking he was irritating me by trimming any leaf that grew over his line, but I couldn't care less, the fence takes the fun away," replied the Inn Keeper.

Others were impressed at the homeowner's craftsmanship and encouraged him to keep building the privacy fence.

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This comes after a furious man waged war with his neighbours after their huge trees made life a misery – and he won his battle.

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Meanwhile, another fuming local has slammed the people next-door for ramming into her fence – leaving it dented and sloping.

The scathing homeowner called out the inconsiderate people next door – who didn't even inform her about the damage.

Plus, another man was raging after an "inconsiderate" driver dumped their Tesla in his spot – but he got his revenge.

The scathing resident found Elon Musk's popular EV abandoned in front of his privacy fence despite "no parking" signs.

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