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DAVID Cameron made a sensational return to British politics in November 2023 as part of Rishi Sunak's cabinet reshuffle.

Here we look at former Prime Minister's life away from politics and what he has got up to since resigning in 2016.

Where is David Cameron now?

David Cameron returned to British politics on November 13, 2023, replacing James Cleverly as Foreign Secretary as part of Rishi Sunak's cabinet reshuffle.

This was part of a move which saw Cleverly replace sacked Suella Braverman as Home Secretary.

It is Cameron's first role in politics since his resignation as leader of the United Kingdom in 2016, shortly after the Brexit referendum took place.

Cameron, who was the MP for Witney, then resigned as a Conservative MP in September 2016, despite previously saying he wanted to continue his political career as a backbencher.



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In 2019, Cameron released a memoir titled For The Record, which looked at his time as Prime Minister and spoke about his actions during the Brexit referendum, which led to him resigning.

The book also details his grief at losing his son Ivan in 2009 to a rare disease, and his family life during his premiership.

With his new role, Cameron will also take a seat in the House of Lords.

Where does David Cameron live?

David and his wife Samantha have properties in the Cotswolds and in Cornwall.



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They live with their three children, Nancy, Arthur Elwen and Florence.

Their firstborn Ivan died aged six in 2009.

Their lavish Cotswolds cottage cost a reported £1.5m, while their Cornwall getaway was bought for £2million.

They also own a London home in Notting Hill.

They reportedly took out a mortgage on the home just days before the EU referendum.

Cameron sent his son Elwen to a private school where fees are more than £30,000-a-year. Around a quarter of its students go on to Oxbridge.

Competition for admission is fierce and in some years there are six applicants for every place.

What is David Cameron's net worth?

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Cameron has a net worth of £40million.

The Prime Minister's salary was £150,403 while he was in his position in Parliament.

But since leaving in 2016, Mr Cameron has found other ways to make money – including through public speaking gigs.

He reportedly charged £120,000 an hour to speak at the Washington Speakers Bureau.

Cameron also has a huge amount of inherited wealth.

His father, Ian Cameron, was a stockbroker, and David was left £300,000 in his will.

The former Prime Minister's book deal was reportedly bought by publisher William Collins for a staggering £800,000.

What else has he been up to?

Since resigning as Prime Minister, Cameron has made sporadic public appearances, often seen with his wife and children.

Cameron has enjoyed trips to Glastonbury festival, chowed down on some fish and chips at Polzeath Beach in Cornwall, and sported a Peaky Blinders flat cap at the races.

He has also been giving advice to wife Samantha's designer clothing business.

His return to frontline politics made him the 15th former UK Prime Minister to serve in a later government led by someone else.



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Cameron is well known as a keen cyclist, and made many public appearances whilst riding a bicycle.

He is also a keen sports fan, and follows Premier League side Aston Villa as well as test match cricket.

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