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AS the temperatures keep dropping and we enter the dreaded winter season, many household across the UK are concerned about one thing in particular – the heating costs.

If you opt to keep the central heating on all night for eight hours, you're likely to receive a hefty £13.44 bill – or close to £100 a week, The Sun recently revealed.

But luckily, a money-saving whizz from Which? has revealed how to make the most out of your radiators top keep the home warm and your wallet – happy.

According to the expert, who shared the trick on TikTok, the answer is simple and ''energy companies will hate this hack''.

The guru said that the key behing a cosy home this winter is a sheet of tin foil – and here, there are two kinds.

You can either invest in a specialist radiator foil, or if you're really struggling to order one online, regular old tin foil should do the trick too.

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Sharing the hack, the money pro explained: ''Putting foil behind radiators allows the heat to be relfeted back into the room.

''This is particularly effective on external walls.''

The prices of these vary, but the guru from Which? said it was possible to buy these from as little as £8, whilst B&Q offer a similar product for around £12.

Not only is this winter essential budget-friendly, but, as the expert demonstrated in the video, also takes just seconds to apply.

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''It's padded and usually has an adhesive backing, so it's really easy to install," he said.


If, on the other hand. you're opting for the low-cost kitchen foil, it's advised to first begin by measuring the distance between brackets and the cutting the regular foil to size.

''If it doesn't have adhesive pads, you can use double-sided sticky tape to secure it in place.''

Kitchen foil can be purchased at most supermarkets, including Aldi where a two-pack retails for £1.29, as well as Sainsbury's (£3 for 20m) and Tesco (£4.50 for 30m).

To make the radiators even more effetive, it's also recommended to deep clean and bleed them every once in a while, the expert added.

How to bleed your radiators?

Cash-strapped Brits can shave money off their energy bills in minutes just by bleeding their radiators, experts revealed.

In simple terms, bleeding the radiators mean letting out air that's become trapped inside – this is often responsible for cold spots.

The task, though quick and simple, is also very effective – and here's how you can do it before the cold sets in.

To do this, you will first need to put the heating on and check which radiators have cold spots, particularly at the top.

For the bleeding process, make sure to switch the heating system off and find a special key – these are available at most DIY stores.

Attach this key attach onto the radiator valve, which is located at the top of the radiator, and turn it slowly anti-clockwise, holding a cloth underneath to catch any water.

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If you hear a hissing sound, this means the air is escaping – and once this has stopped you can close the valve to stop water coming out.

According to pros, you should bleed your radiators once a year to ensure they're running properly.

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