I bought my first house at 29 but absolutely hate it – it stinks of cats & there’s mould but trolls say I’m out of touch | The Sun

A WOMAN who was lucky enough to buy herself a home has revealed she hates it after getting the keys.

Victoria Louise, 29, bought her first house in the UK and while she was thrilled about being a homeowner at first, she was left stunned when she entered the property.

Taking to social media, Victoria saw the house for the first time without the previous owners stuff inside and was stunned at the state of it.

"Just got the keys to my first house & I don't like it," she wrote.

"Did not expect this. Did not expect it to smell of cat wee," she said.

"We did not expect to have to rip up all of the carpets because they stunk."

Victoria also showed viewers the state of the walls in her new home which were covered in mould, something she had missed when viewing the property.

The new homeowner also read out a letter from her solicitor congratulating her on being a homeowner, but she wasn't impressed.

"So let me just read a little welcome card from my solicitor – "'To Victoria, congratulations.'

"Oh, yeah, cause I'm so happy to be here. Joking. I can kinda see the potential now. Um, but you get the vibe.

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"'Congratulations on buying your first home, I'm so proud and overjoyed for you.'

"Yeah, as you can see, I'm also so overjoyed. So overjoyed, what have I done?" Victoria remarked.

"'Thank you for your hard work and patience throughout.'

"Yeah, guys, cause I actually did quite a lot because I had to.

"'And your patience throughout.'

"Yeah, cause she never answered the phone anyway, we had like a good vibe."

Victoria revealed she was going to begin painting all of the walls white in the hopes that it would make the house look somewhat better.

Despite not loving her new house, Victoria seemed to try and make the most of it.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @victoria.louise94 went viral with over 50k views and 900 likes.

People in the comments had mixed thoughts on her reaction to being a homeowner.

Some trolls said she should be more grateful and claimed she was out of touch.

One person wrote: "This is so ungrateful and out of touch."

Another commented: "Maybe be more fortunate that you can afford to buy a house?"

"Did u not have a look at the house before?", penned a third.

Others, however, said it was normal to feel that way when seeing the house bare for the first time.

A fourth said: "In the nicest way, if you viewed before buying, what did you expect? hope it goes well!"

"It was presented a LOT better when I viewed it! Lots of problems were hidden consequently," she replied.

"Same happened to me. garden left, boiler broke everything covered in mould. nearly cried,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "We moved into our house 3months ago, similar situation but it gets so much better!"

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