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WE all know that the right scent in a room can make all the difference to feeling relaxed, energised, or cosy.

That's why most of us have a huge collection of candles and wax melts for every occasion, and a favourite brand in the UK is, of course, Yankee Candle.

However, one person claiming to be an employee has revealed the secret meaning behind the 'Home Inspirations' collection you often find in stores like Asda or Home Bargains and it'll make you think twice about which one to buy.

Taking to TikTok, Ash Reid shared a video of herself finding the candles in Home Bargains for just £4.99.

Most Yankee Candles in a small size sell for around £20, so Ash was thrilled to see them at a much cheaper cost.

But at closer inspection, the candles she picked up were labelled as part of their 'Home Inspirations' collection and an employee was quick to reveal the difference between the collection and the original one.


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In the comments, an employee for the company pointed out what the ‘Home Inspirations’ line actually was.

“Home Inspiration are not the original Yankee Candles,” she wrote, adding: “I work for Yankee Candles and get asked this question regularly, it's a cheaper version.”

On the website, it reads: "Make your home the place everyone wants to be! Home Inspiration from Yankee Candle is here with scents for every occasion.

"Treat yourself or find the ultimate crowd-pleasing gift that says you truly care."

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So yes, the two are part of different collections and many people took to the comments to share their thoughts on which they preferred.

One person wrote: "They're still Yankee candles though and they tend to have nicer scents."

Another commented: "Yet again, they're still Yankee so who cares.”

Others claimed they didn't smell as strong as the originals.

"They are a cheaper version they don’t smell as strong at all," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I second that they don’t smell nowhere near as strong as original Yankees

The employee also shared some more insider knowledge about the candles, after another TikToker asked why trimming the wick ‘doesn’t stop the jar going black’.

She replied: “Avoid placing your candle in a draft if the sorter wick hasn't sorted it as a flickering wick causes soot build up."

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