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MEETING Mohamed Ibrahim in November 2019, Iris Jones, now 83, was ‘the happiest she’d ever been’. 

The pair connected on Facebook in February 2019 and Iris was initially reluctant, telling Fabulous he was too young so she didn’t expect anything serious to come from their instant messaging relationship.

But he won her over with his good looks and intellect and she jetted out to meet him in his hometown of Cairo, Egypt.

It was a happy time for Iris after her husband Gwyn Jones, who she has two sons with, died in 2016. 

The pair divorced in 1993, and Iris was happily dating casually until she met Mohamed and sparks flew.

“He seemed genuine and interested in me, and I wondered why, the age gap, the fact he proposed in a message after 15 days of messaging on Facebook.



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“But I was besotted by his charm and image, and then I met him in person and it was confirmed.”

Only now does Iris feel that the relationship progressed too quickly. 

Their age gap relationship would have flown under the radar – had the pair not appeared on This Morning and told viewers how they used an entire tub of KY Jelly the first night they got intimate together.

Things seemed to be going well for them. They married in October 2020 and Mohamed moved to the UK in November 2021 despite a Home Office Visa battle. 

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The couple's relationship soon went sour and the pair are no longer speakingCredit: Supplied
Iris has already gained the attention of other men hoping to sweep her off her feet

“I was thrilled to bits at the thought of us living together in my little chicken shack,” she said.

But in June of this year, it all imploded when the pair split – just three years after ‘meeting’ virtually, two years after marrying, and 16 months after Mohamed moved to Iris’ bungalow in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. 

And it hasn’t been a pretty split with Mohamed saying he was treated like a sex slave and was given strict rules set by Iris on when he could shower.

Meanwhile, Iris has hit back equally hard claiming Mohamed was a ‘lying toe-rag’ and a ‘sewer rat’ who used her body for sex.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Fabulous, she’s said she NEVER wants to see Mohamed again – a man she once professed to love.

“He’s a lying toe-rag and a sewer-rat,” she told Fabulous.

“He wasn't my sex slave, he wasn't a romantic man, he didn’t like closeness, romance, he didn't like passion, no long lingering kisses.

“The most I got was a peck on the cheek.

“When it came to sex he was very ‘wham bam thank you ma'am,’ and then he’d turn over and go to sleep.

“For him to claim he was my sex slave is absurd.

“I'm not sex mad at all, if he didn't touch me for a month it wouldn't bother me.”

Iris revealed the marriage began to turn sour earlier this year after telling her toyboy she wanted her garden landscaped.

“Mohamed was mowing the lawn and I said ‘don’t bother I’m going to get it landscaped anyway,” she said 

She claimed this set off a chain of events where they rowed over cash – with him saying there was no need to splash out on a professional gardener. 

“‘I said to him ‘It’s my money Mohamed’, but he didn’t listen.”

Iris has now claimed he took £25k when he moved to the UK and an extra £14k she sent directly to Egypt before they got hitched.

“I thought I was savvy, but love makes you blind,” she said.

"I’ve got nothing to hide at all, he had a lovely home here, he really did, better than what he had in Egypt."

Speaking to the Mail Online, Mohamed revealed he wasn't dumped because he was a 'selfish money-grabber' and instead sensationally claimed she treated him as a 'sex slave'.

“I don't care about money. It's not true that I've never had a job – I've worked all over the Middle East as a welding inspector on power stations, in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. 

“I had a good salary.

“If I had been looking for money, I would have married a rich woman, not Iris. I've had many offers from rich women but I'm not like that.”

He shockingly claimed the pensioner treated him like a slave and has destroyed his reputation.

He claimed: “At first she was a good wife. But soon she began treating me like a slave. She was using me for sex.

“She stopped me having a shower, she wouldn't even let me use the toilet when I got back from work.”

Mohamed even claimed that the pensioner wouldn't let him eat food from his culture, and apparently said to him: “I own you, you're my slave."

Now Iris has hit back at his shocking accusations, claiming she gave Mohamed a good life and paid for the majority of their finances alone.

“I’ve got nothing to hide at all, he had a lovely home here, he really did, better than what he had in Egypt,” she told Fabulous.

“I looked after him, washing, his uniform was pristine, I even polished his shoes, he was the smartest guard on parade, but you live and you learn.”

She added sadly: “There's no fool like an old fool.”

But she added she was keen to move on with her life.

And she revealed she was already getting chatted up by other men – including a local 70-year-old whom she met on a forum for Somerset residents.

Iris revealed he was eager to help her out with her financial troubles and bonded over cats while she was looking to adopt a Bengal she’s now named Mr BoJones.

However, despite her mystery man wanting to meet, Iris says she isn’t in the right headspace for a relationship, which has led to her new ‘toyboy’ going cold on her.

She’s also found happiness with a Bengal kitten she’s named Mr BoJones.

“Quite frankly I don't care anymore, he can keep the money, I just want to be left alone, I’d like him to admit his lies but he won’t,” she said. 



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Fabulous put Iris’ claims to Mohamed who didn’t respond but previously wrote in a Facebook post: “She cries tears like a crocodile.”

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