I’m a gypsy girl and non travellers always make the same wrong assumptions – our life isn’t as 'controlled' as you think | The Sun

A GYPSY GIRL has revealed the common assumptions that people make about her culture.

Charlotte Ann Maguire has dedicated a series on social media explaining things that gypsy and travellers do that non travellers find "strange."

In a clip posted to TikTok (@charlotteann00), she answers a question which she's regularly asked: "Are girls happy living such a suppressed life."

In response, she explains: "We don't live a suppressed life.

"Well, I can't talk for every traveller and gypsy but I know I don't live a suppressed life.

"Just because we don't live what you think to be the 'normal life,' doesn't mean it's not normal.



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"It's a very normal life for us and it's a very happy life – we're not suppressed, we're not controlled."

Charlotte Ann goes on to say that gypsies and travellers are just brought up in a Christian household the majority of the time.


"The Christian values and ethos goes through the parents – there's many Christian homes across the world without travellers and gypsies where people have the same parenting style.

"So no, the girls are not suppressed."

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She goes on to say that yes they may have a "stricter" life than non-travellers, but adds: "Are we sad about it? No, well I know I'm not anyway. I'm happy with my life. I love my life.

"I wouldn't change being a gypsy for nothing in the world!"

In the video, she also says how gypsies and travellers date within their culture.

"It's no hate on other ethnicities or anything like that," she says.

"It's just that our preference and tradition is to marry within our culture.

"They're our traditional values and I don't see where the issue or problem is if you're doing it respectfully and peacefully and not harming nobody else in the process of doing it."

Charlotte Ann adds: "Are there some travellers and gypsies who do marry out of the culture? Yes, obviously not everyone sticks to the traditions."

She then moves on to another common assumption people make which is that a lot of on-travellers seem to think travellers and gypsies all know each other.

"That couldn't be nay further from the truth," she explains.
"We are an ethnic minority and there's millions of us all over the world."

She then goes on to say: "Do travellers and gypsies go hand in hand?

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"Yes, because obviously they're so so so so similar and they've been brought up in basically the same culture but their origins are a little bit different.

"While travellers originated from Ireland, Romani gypsies, which my daddy is, originated all hundreds of years ago from Northern India so the origins are different but the majority of their culture is alike.

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