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A GYPSY girl has revealed the £3 cleaning buy you must try if you want your home to look and smell fresh.

Not only this, but the cleaning-mad traveller also shared the big mistake people make when wiping their sides – so you’ll need to listen up if you want to ensure your home is properly cleaned. 

Sharing her thoughts on social media, Suzy explained: “Come and clean my kitchen with me – this is the current state of it. It was a mess.

“I’ve done all the washing up and then I lightly bleach the tabletops. This is a wrap so it can discolour with bleach. 

“So then I just go over it with this air freshener [Asevi Toilet Drops] for your tabletops.”

Using the £3 bargain buy which you can order from Lemon Fresh UK, Suzy revealed the big mistake people often make when cleaning their kitchen.

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She added: “I move everything. I move everything back, making sure that I get underneath everything.

“I've seen people wipe their kitchens down and they don't move anything.

“I don't understand why you can't just move it.”

Following this, Suzy continued to clean the rest of her kitchen, including the fridge, as she explained: “Then I go over all of my shiny bits. It's just a quick wipe out today, because I've got a lot of stuff going on.

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“Then it's time to battle the fridge. First off, I emptied it and just got rid of everything. There's absolutely no food in my fridge. 

“A quick wipe out with the Spanish bleach [Kiriko]. After I give it a good bleach out, I then go in with this [Asevi toilet drops] again.

“Girls, this just makes everything smell amazing.

“So I'm quickly wiping it out and then just figuring out where else I need to do.

“I did wipe all the little shelves and everything and then I wiped all the front and everything down the sides.

“This is what my kitchen looks like right now. I took everything down, dusted it, wiped it, whatever. Yeah, that's all done. 

“Nice and clean, and nice and fresh.” 

The TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @cuzinsuzyofficial1, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 35,200 views in just two days. 

Social media users felt inspired to clean after watching Suzy’s video and many were stunned at her gorgeous home. 

One person said: “This video has motivated to get off my a*** lol.”

Another added: “Lovely home.” 

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A third commented: “It's beautiful.” 

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