I’m a gypsy & this is what Christmas is REALLY like – from caravans decorated top-to-toe in tinsel to very lavish gifts | The Sun

A GYPSY woman has revealed what Christmas is really like in the traveller community.

Suzy, a traveller woman, explained that caravans are typically decorated top-to-toe and claimed that the festive season is a time for gypsy girls to pull out all the stops when it comes to their clothing.

Not only this, but she shared the real reason why gypsies will often keep the receipts for Christmas presents and also revealed a tradition that many traveller men do on Christmas Day.

Opening up about what December is really like in the gypsy community, Suzy shared a clip on social media and said: “So someone asked me a question – what's it like having Christmas with a gypsy and traveller? Who better answer to that question than me?

“If you are easily offended or have no personality, please don't watch my videos. 

“Let's get started. Ever wonder why there's so many arguments throughout the year? It only starts at Christmas. 

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“The traveller, gypsy man, wake up, watch a couple of the children open a few presents and they're off to the pub.

“Some might stay for Christmas dinner, some don't. The majority of the time they're up the pub drinking till the last brain cells stop working and then cause murders throughout the year.”

When it comes to food on Christmas Day, Suzy claimed that travellers will go all out.

She added: “Next is the grub – there's a lot of food because there's a lot of family members to feed. 

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“That's why you see so much grub laid out at Christmas. We just love our grub. 

“Travels and gypsies love their food. You can't knock them for that.”

When it comes to gifts, Suzy then revealed that travellers will often go very lavish – and will make sure to keep the receipts.

She continued: “Next is the Christmas presents. They love an expensive gift.

"If it ain't big, it ain't expensive, it ain't designer, it ain't gypsy traveller. 

“And you know they're gypsies and travellers when you have a look at the Christmas presents online because they’ve got the receipts laid out next to every present. There's about 50 of them, to prove it's real, to prove it's paid for.”

Suzy also claimed that when it comes to decorations and clothing, gypsies will often put in a lot of effort.

She claimed: “Next is the Christmas decorations – we love to go over the top. A lot of us do. We can't help it.

“I have seen some crazy Christmas trees. I've seen upside down ones. I have seen trailers full from top to bottom of Christmas decorations, to the point they can't even sit in their own place. 

“They love the lights, they love the decorations, they love the over the topness.

"It proves they have money. It proves that everything they do is outlandish.

“It proves that they're the best of the f*****g best. You gotta remember, Christmas and every other holiday – that’s one big competition to them.

“Last but not least – it’s the clothing. Let me tell you something. Gypsy traveller girls, throughout the year, you’ve seen their clothing, they love to dress up.

“But Christmas time is the time where they get to show off the best of the f*****g best. Fur coats, diamonds, glitter. You name it, they’ve f*****g got it. 

“They get clothing made to go to Winter Wonderland. And let me tell you something – gypsy and traveller girls don't feel the cold, especially around Christmas.

“They must have heated knickers on. These girls have the skimpy a** outfits. I mean, they look amazing, they look beautiful, but they gotta be f*****g cold.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @cuzinsuzy92, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up a staggering 200,000 views in just three days. 

Social media users were left in hysterics at Suzy’s clip and lots of other travellers could relate, many of whom took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “This is brilliant.” 

Another added: “I am a gypsy and this is so true.”

A third commented: “So true lol.”

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Whilst someone else wrote: “Made me laugh tonight.” 

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