I’m a size 34 & love strutting my fat body in bikinis – people are uncomfortable no matter what I wear…I won’t cover up | The Sun

WHILE many of us will refrain from using the word “fat” to describe others, one woman has revealed she is embracing the term.

The plus-size, blonde-haired woman, who is called Gillian, explained that she loves strutting her stuff in bikinis and will continue to wear whatever she wants, regardless of what the nasty trolls think or say. 

The body confident babe regularly shares clips online, showing off her curves, but is often met with a barrage of rude comments from spiteful keyboard warriors.

Not only have trolls called her ‘morbidly obese’ but others have even gone as far to label her ‘disgusting’.

In one clip shared on social media, Gillian revealed: “What I wear to church that makes Christians uncomfortable.”

In the short clip, we saw the woman get ready for a day at church, as she put on a pair of ripped black leggings, a pink strawberry strappy dress and a pair of black pumps.

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The woman posed, before blowing a kiss to the camera.

However, the video caused a lot of discussion online, with many mean trolls taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

As a result of the multitude of nasty comments, in a follow-up clip, we saw Gillian sitting in her swimming pool, as she replied to a comment from a mean troll that read: “I don’t understand why it’s your goal to make others uncomfortable though? Like couldn’t you wear church clothes and then this later?” 

Clapping back at the keyboard warrior, Gillian posed in a bikini and explained: “It is not my goal to make people uncomfortable. People are uncomfortable because I wear what I want and I'm a bigger person.

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“I made this series because no matter what I do, no matter what I wear, people are going to be uncomfortable. It does not matter.

“So I'm not trying to make people uncomfortable, they just are.

“And again, it's because I'm a bigger person and I wear what I want.

“That Christian one, I did plenty of research, and if you scroll through, anybody else on what I would wear to church, there are girls showing midriff, there are girls showing thighs, there are spaghetti straps, and guess what? Because they’re average size, their comments look completely different than mine.

“That's just how it goes being in a bigger body. So I'm going to continue to wear what I want to wear, and if it makes people uncomfortable, then that's on them. It's not on me.”

As she lifted herself out of the water to show off her stomach, Gillian added: “I'm not going to cover up. I'm just not gonna cover up for anyone. That's not who I am. 

“I'm not going to feel bad about the way I look. I'm comfortable in my own skin and I wear what I want to wear.

“Clothing is a form of expression and I want to wear what I like, and that's just what I do. And society isn't going to tell me not to.

“So I will continue to post, and if you don't get the series, you don't get the series. But that's not on me.

“However, if someone does see this and is a tiny bit more confident within themselves and their body and they start wearing what they want, then I am doing my job.

“So that's the whole reason, my main thing isn't to go out there and p**s people off.

“But I am a fat person, and unfortunately, we do just because of our size. 

“So, stay mad. I'm still gonna wear what I want.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @spanxbeluga, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed a staggering 205,900 views. 

But social media users were divided at the clip – whilst some were supportive, not everyone was as kind.

One person said: “Yeah no. Major ick. Have some respect.” 

Another added: “You’re morbidly obese.”

A third commented: “Disgusting.”

However, other social media users were eager to support Gillian and took to the comments to share their praise.

One user wrote: “Keep wearing what you want!!! Keep being you.”

A second chimed in: “Your confidence is what I strive for. Thank you for being you.”

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Whilst someone else shared: “You are GORGEOUS and I love everything you’re doing.”

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