I’m midsize – my affordable Amazon leggings are the only ones I'll ever wear, just follow my sizing tip | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA has insisted she's only ever going to wear one brand of leggings from now on.

She's found a pair that works perfectly on her midsize shape and sees no point in shopping elsewhere.

But she did have a sizing tip that elevated this humble wardrobe item.

Orla McConnon (@orlamcconnon) was super-enthused about her outfit staple and its new pairing: “It’s leggings and a nice top moment.”

But first, she shared her sizing tip.

“I’m a size 14/16 on the bottom and on top I’m around a 12," she wrote.

"The leggings are a size 12 so I would definitely say get a size down if you’re getting these leggings.

“They are from Amazon and I absolutely adore them."

Then added: "They are the only leggings I’m only ever going to wear."

She figured there was so much going in their favor: “They are so affordable and they wash so well."

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Orla put the leggings together with a sweater, in a medium size, and loved how it looked.

“But I just wanted to show you something. These jumpers are from H&M and I absolutely love them.

“They have the zip collar here and they come in loads of different colors," she shared.

There was one design feature that she thought made it so adaptable.

“They have a little slit here. And I like these because you can tuck them in and they look a little bit more presentable [and] looks so good," she added.

Commenters tried to get their hands on the black leggings but to no avail.

"Just looked them up and the black leggings are sold out," was the experience of this viewer.

But another wondered if the outfit would look the same on her.

“I’m the same size as you according to clothes size. You look fab but I don’t see myself that way in clothes," they said.

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