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THOUGH age is just a number, one beauty influencer has found the secret to looking decades younger simply by switching up her makeup routine.

Would-be-makeup artists should be aware though, as this technique is not for those who only wear a little lippy!

If you are unfamiliar with underpainting, the method might seem a little strange at first.

Essentially, it involves applying your contour, blush and concealer before using foundation.

Though it sounds like a crime against fashion, beauty gurus claim that it will leave you looking camera ready at all times.

In fact, Tiktok influencer Lou revealed that she receive multiple compliments about her look after trying the method for the first time.

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“So yesterday I under painted my makeup for the first time…when I went on the school run, I had two people tell me how good my makeup looked and that never happens,” said the content creator, who is also better known as @40slifelou online.

Having briefly explain the principal, she then set about showing others how quickly she could transform for her look.

Starting off strong with primer, the 42-year-old then applied a dark contour from Primark and placed dots strategically on her face.

Whilst most of us wouldn't want to show up the school gates like this, the mum did insist that you can’t skip this step – despite how awkward it looks.

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“You are most likely thinking what I first thought…that I’ve been tangoed,” she joked, showing how to pat the product into your skin for the perfect base.

Moving on to blush, she chose a vibrant shade from PLouise and added a tiny amount to her cheekbones.

Despite this, she still looked a little red faced.

“I know what you are thinking…it looks extra but I promise you, it won’t look like that at the end,” Lou told fans before adding aconcealer.

Almost instantly, her makeup was already starting to look more youthful  – even with a few steps remaining.

Putting a tiny amount of Primark’s illuminating foundation on her hand, the influencer then used a damp beauty blender to gently dab it onto her face.

“You don’t want excess on the sponge,” she explained, demonstrating how she carefully blended everything in.

Finishing with a touch of pink powder and highlighter, the makeup artist was left with a stunning look which was dewy and virtually flawless.

She gushed: “I am totally sold on this…this has changed the way I do makeup forever!”

Her followers also seemed impressed, with one writing: “Ain’t no way you’re 42.”

Another added: “Omg beautiful…I’m nearly 50 and I’m looking for something like this for my birthday.”

Others shared their own experience with the makeup method, saying: “I did under panting for the first time the other day after seeing this video and wow had so many compliments how my makeup looked.”

Sadly, not everyone was able to perfect the technique.

“Doesn't matter how many times or how many videos I watch and different techniques I still look like I've come out of a coal mine,” complained a fourth.

Hopefully, they will be able to get another glam look before party season.

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