Man jazzes up his council home for £5 – but trolls say if he hates living there so much, he should 'get a proper job' | The Sun

A MAN has been trolled after showing how he jazzed up his council house for just a fiver.

Martin explained that he hated the "eggbox" doors in his home, so decided to make them stand out a bit more.

He marked out lines on the door, and then used a router with its back to a decking board to make sure that the cuts were straight.

"So we got the first cut done, but we've had some issues with the old paint flaking off as you can see," he said in a video on his TikTok page.

"I should have sanded it down a little bit more than I did, so I'm gonna do that before we do the other side."

He then moved on to the other side, doing another straight line to give the effect of a "centre panel" type door.

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Martin then started doing horizontal cuts "all the way to the top of the door".

"The good thing about this is because it's already a fitted door, we can get the partitions perfect that already been cut top and bottom when it was first fit," he explained.

Once he'd finished doing the cuts, he sanded the door down a bit more, primed it and then painted it a dark grey.

"Finished result," he wrote alongside a clip of the door in position.

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"Longer content of how I turn the awful council box doors into different styles for the cost of paint and a little time," he captioned the video.

"I've had a few ask for a little longer video of the process so I've put this together for all that have messaged and asked.

"Finally finished off the ones from yesterday and over the moon with the look."

And while lots of people praised Martin for sharing the DIY tip, others weren't quite as impressed.

"If you don't like council house doors, train your self to get a better job so you don't have to live in a council house," one troll raged.

But others hit back at the remark, with one writing: "A person's need to live in a council house isn’t just down to the type of job they have!"

"Train yourself……spoken like a pure silver spoon buffoon!!!" another said.

"What a shocking comment to someone showing people to take an old door to a modern style!" a third marvelled.

"Just buy new doors, less hassle," someone else told Martin.

To which he replied: "Rather save £1000 hence why I've done this."

As another person insisted the transformation must have cost more then £5 because of the router.

However, Martin revealed that he'd actually been given the machine by his father-in-law, but you can get similar ones second-hand for around £30.

And tonnes of people were really impressed with Martin's door transformation.

"Absolutely brilliant idea, very simple too," one wrote.

"Massive difference!" another added.

"Good business idea this mate, well done, very impressive," a third commented.

"Talk about upping the game!" someone else praised.

"Looks amazing and I love that it’s using something which was still fit for purpose."

"Massive difference and saved a bomb, black hinges would finish this off," another suggested.

"Sooo classy, love it," someone else wrote.

"Good job!"

"What colour is the paint?" another asked.

With Martin replying: "It's actually a b&q exterior wood paint called Tulsa grey.

"You'll find it in the outdoor paint section, comes in a white tub – cheap as chips too!"

"Are those doors not hollow then?"someone else questioned.

To which Martin explained: "Yes they are.

"The skins are 3mm on most doors – I've cut these at just 1.5mm depth."

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