My mom begged me not to get huge a neck tattoo, but I did and it's devil themed, I spent six hours in the chair | The Sun

AN ink art fan has gone against her mom's advice to get the neck tattoo she wanted all along.

But it took some commitment because she spent a quarter of a day in the tattoo artist's chair.

It was a large piece of ink, covering the expanse of her neck.

But she was happy with the end result – which had a devil theme.

Kimberley (@justkimmix) looked resolute in her post, showing off the "666" design.

This lady was going to get her neck inked regardless of what her mom thought or wanted.

In her video, Kimberley pondered her mom's advice.

“Mum: ‘Don’t get a neck tattoo.’”

But, the tattoo fan was going to do just what she wanted.

“What the f**k," was her attitude.

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The tattoo, when completed, was a complex pattern that came right up to her lower chin line.

But there was more work to do on it.

“Still got a few more hours on it yet.

“Took just over six hours and I honestly wasn’t in any pain.

"Just vibrations tickled a bit near my jaw," said this gutsy lady.

Commenters certainly liked it.

“Looks awesome,” said one fan.

Another simply said: “Love it.”

Kimberley need not worry about her future employment prospects either with her new tattoo.

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Writing on, Suzanne Lucas said employers were changing their mindset on ink art in the workplace.

She said: "As body modifications become more mainstream and competition for top talent grows more intense in the hiring process, many workplaces no longer frown upon tattoos and piercings."

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