My mum ordered a Disney Christmas tree from Temu – the characters are so ugly, I’ve got CinderFella & Beast & The Beast | The Sun

LET'S face it, we've all ordered something online, only for it to arrive and look totally different in person.

But one woman was left devastated when her Disney Christmas tree from Temu arrived – and looked like something out of a horror movie.

In the amusing clip posted to TikTok, Seb Laz (@sebbylaz) explained: "My mum ordered this Disney Christmas tree from Temu."

Moments later, he showed the Christmas tree in action as it rotated to reveal various famous Disney characters.

However, while princesses are often known for their beauty, that was far from the reality for this version.

In fact, the characters looked so ugly, social media users joked they're "giving Picasso" and Seb even went on to rename them.



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"The BIG Mermaid, Beast and the Beast, Snow Yellow, Sleeping Ugly, CinderFella and Pocabounda," he joked.

Seb captioned the post: "She was DEVASTATED – idk which was the worst one."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, garnering over 1.6 million views and several comments from social media users, who were left in hysterics.

"From a distance it looks great," one person quipped.

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A second penned: "Looks like it was painted while it was spinning."

A third commented: "It’s giving Picasso."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Similar to my experience! I thought I ordered a Christmas wreath, but got a huge sticker instead."

Another admitted: "I have been laughing for 20 minutes now."

A further joked: "Their beauty is on the inside!"

And one more noted: "It's been a hard year for all of us!"

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