My one-second trick heats up your home for free, and it will definitely come in handy on Thanksgiving | The Sun

THE secret to cutting down on exorbitant energy bills while still heating your home has been revealed.

This one-second trick will keep you toasty all season long and comes just in time for Thanksgiving.

"Watch this if you want to warm up your house for free this winter," said the woman behind (@the.cosyclub).

First, she turned her oven on.

She then explained how all you had to do to get instant heat was to prep your oven food as usual.

This included covering a tray with aluminum foil.

Then came time for the time-saving trick.

"After using the oven, put the heat to good use! Leave it open and enjoy the warmth left over," she explained.

It was that easy to get warm and cozy.

The best part – the strategy took just one second.

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"Always do this in the winter, free heat," said one enthused money-saving fan.

There was no downside to the trick that upped the temperature in her home.

Just lower heating bills – and happy guests this holiday season.

"Energy prices are crazy so we’ll keep you cozy," she remarked.

The method was already getting rave reviews: "It really helps. I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now."

"Are you saying that every time we use the oven to cook stuff, leave it open to get the heat? Or do you mean to turn it on without any food in there?" asked a curious viewer.

"Once done with the food, turn the oven off and leave the door open!" the creator replied.

According to a user on, opening the door will release the hot air trapped inside the oven, which heats your kitchen up faster since convection is the most efficient form of heat transfer.

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