Travelodge housekeeper reveals a gross way they use pillowcases – and what they really hear when working a shift | The Sun

A HOUSEKEEPER for Travelodge has revealed the unconventional way they use pillowcases and what it’s really like to work there. 

Known only as ‘Housekeeper, the woman often uses her social media account to share behind-the-scenes secrets of her day-to-day life. 

In one clip, they gave viewers a sneak peek into cleaning up a room following a guest’s departure. 

Panning the camera onto the bed, they showed a black plastic rubbish bag on the sheets as they wrote: “Cleaning a bathroom at travelodge” over the top. 

Moving into the bathroom, they then used a surface cleaner to spray all the counters with, including the sink. 

They then appeared to use a pillowcase to wipe it all down before sharing: “Shiny!”

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The housekeeper then used the same cleaner to spray the entire floor. 

They finished the job off by dry mopping the area and wrote: “All done!”

In the caption, they added: “Don’t ask why we use pillow cases to clean,” followed by two crying with laughter emojis. 

But of course people couldn’t help but ask the question in the comments section as one person wrote: “But why do you use pillow cases to clean though?”

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The TikTok user simply replied: “Because its always in our trolleys and icl it does the job quite well.” 

And it seems like quite a common item to use too as another person commented: “We used pillow cases to clean at the hotel I used to work at, it doesn’t leave all the fluff behind that towels and clothes do”. 

While another person shared: “I've never had any complaints when staying in da travelodge”. 

But this isn’t the only video the housekeeper has shared on their channel that got people talking… 

In a second clip, the housekeeper simply turned the camera onto the floor as bed spring noises could be heard in the background.

“Let the video do the explaining,” they wrote in the caption alongside the hashtag ‘naughty’. 

People in the comments were left in hysterics as one person joked: “I've never had any complaints when staying in da travelodge”.

Another questioned: “Why are you stood outside listening though,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

While a third added: “Omg, the stories I had working as a housekeeper. Valentine’s Day is the worst.”

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