Watch the moment a woman tries to do the Dirty Dancing lift on a night out but ends up mortified & in her undies instead | The Sun

IT'S one of the most famous movie scenes of all time.

And ever since millions watched Patrick Swayze lift Jennifer Grey above his head in Dirty Dancing, people have tried to recreate the epic move themselves.

Few have managed to perfect it though, and the attempts can often end in disaster – as it did for one woman on a night out.

In a video shared to Instagram, the woman is seen wearing a jumper dress and ankle boots, and stands back before taking a run at a man a little further down the street.

Things initially look to be going well, as he lifts her high above his head.

But they go downhill quickly, as she leans too far forward and ends up falling headfirst.

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She quickly twisted so she didn't land on her head, and her dance partner attempted to break her fall by grabbing onto her dress.

However, he actually ended up pulling her entire dress off in one swift move as she fell.

And the woman was left laying on the pavement in just her black underwear and boots.

She appeared to be unhurt, as she put her hands over her face in embarrassment.

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People were quick to comment on the video, as one wrote: "Now that’s dirty dancing!"

"Fastest undressing in the world," another remarked.

"Lucky she wore nice underwear," a third said.

As someone else added: "My man had a vision!"

"Almost nailed it……" another wrote.

"This is too funny," someone else commented, as another praised her "naked landing".

"Nice how many girls try it in a skirt or dress. Funny every time," someone else laughed.

"Was not expecting that lol!" another admitted.

While someone else wrote: "That was great! I’d rather lose my dress than get hurt!"

And another pointed out how narrowly the woman had escaped serious injury, writing: "Really stupid… could have ended up with a broken neck…"

"Damn. Back injury for sure," another said.

"I’m more worried about did she hit her head or her back?" a third asked.

"Did she break anything? Did she get injured in any way?"

The lift scene comes right at the end of Dirty Dancing, just after Patrick Swayze's character Johnny utters the immortal words: "No one puts Baby in a corner".

However, Jennifer Grey previously admitted that she refused to rehearse the lift.

And she didn't do it until the day it was filmed.

"I feel like it must have been making the producers, and Patrick and the director, everyone insane because I refused," Jennifer said during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show.

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"I was too scared, I refused and I basically just couldn't do it.

"I couldn't make myself until the day when all the people were watching and then I had to do it!"

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