Woman issues urgent warning about the viral Primark Christmas pyjamas, as she reveals they totally ruined her bed | The Sun

THEY'RE the red pyjamas sure to be on many a Christmas list this year.

But one woman who purchased the Primark PJs has issued an urgent warning about them – admitting they totally ruined her bed.

"Quick announcement to anyone who has these pyjamas or wants them from Primark," Hannah said as she held up the red and white pyjamas.

"I got these, I slept in them last night and now my white bedding is red."

She added that when she'd posted about it on her Instagram page, "loads of people replied saying the same thing's happened to them".

"And then I started thinking… imagine if you had a beige sofa and you sat on your beige sofa in your pyjamas!" Hannah continued.

She concluded her TikTok video by saying: "So yeah, remove them from your Christmas list.

"And if you haven't used them yet and you have white bedding like me, then don't bother!"

"Primark, sort it out please!" Hannah added in the video caption.

And ,loads of people in the comments section also revealed they'd had similar issues with the pyjamas.

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"This happened to me and it stained our dining room chair!" one wrote.

"Primark reimbursed me for the cost of the chair!! (£280!!!)"

"Yep, stained my WHITE boucle sofa!!! From the navy set… bet they won’t replace my sofa though," another added.

"I’ve got the black ones and it stained my body dark blue," a third raged.

"Me and my friends had these on for our Christmas night on Saturday and they’ve dyed my beige sofa and white bedding," someone else complained.


"Are they okay once they have been washed?" someone else asked.

To which Hannah replied: "No, this was after they had been washed!"

But not everyone has had issues,with one insisting: "I’ve got these and worn them, my bedding has been fine!"

"I have those in green and that’s never happened to me," another said.

However, Hannah responded: "I have the green ones too and they are fine but the material is slightly different too!"

Primark has been contacted for comment.

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