Woman who ‘eats everything’ rates the Asda frozen Christmas party food range and reveals the ‘bland’ buys to avoid | The Sun

LET'S face it, nothing screams Christmas more than tucking into some party food while enjoying a festive film.

But with so much on offer, it can be hard deciding which supermarket range is really worth your money…but luckily, a foodie named Becca has put Asda's frozen Christmas party food to the test so that you don't have to.

In the clip shared to TikTok (@beccaeatseverything), Becca rates the food starting from the worst and begins with the the mac 'n' cheese bites, which she says were completely "bland."

Scoring them a measly 0/10, she adds: "There was nothing to them but texture."

Moving on, she takes a bite of the pork cocktail sausages and observes: "They were very mushy and also had no flavour – 1/10."

Next up is the maple flavoured pigs in blankets, which she is just as unimpressed with.



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"The maple flavour brought nothing, it didn't sweeten it at all – 1/5 out of 10," she notes.

According to Becca, ranking fourth was was the cocktail sausage rolls.


"The pastry was the nicest bit, but overall it was so bland – 2/10," she explains.

She goes on to say how the mozzarella sticks weren't much better because there was "no seasoning in the coating," while the popcorn chicken bites were "a little mushy in the centre andvery underseasoned."

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Becca notes: "The bubble texture was quite nice though, reimiunscent of a rice crispy – 3.5/10."

The foodie then tries the veg spring rolls, adding that "there was loads of filling but no flavour," while she says the mini tacos was a really "odd product."

She explains. "All I could really taste was chilli and a lot of sweetness, so I give it a 6/10."

Becca then gives the naan bites a 6/10, noting they had a "lovely spiced filling" but the "outside was like pastry and not bread," and awards the chicken nugget Christmas trees a 7/10.

"They had a decent texture and taste to them, but they were still a little bland," she points out.

The food fan then praises the mini pizzas for being "decent quality" and having "tangy" cheese flavours," and says that the seasoned French fries were the "fluffiest" she'd ever seen but "lacked the advertised seasoning – scoring them a joint 7.5/10.

Moving on, Becca points out that the halloumi bites had "really good seasoning," while the garlic mushrooms "had a good amount of flavour and weren't mushy in the middle" – and ranked them both 8/10.

Not stopping there, she notes the mini steak slices had a "delicious gravy, a decent amount of filling but not much steak" which she says unfortunately "let it down that little bit."

Speaking of the no duck spring rolls, she continues: "Honestly, you wouldn't be able to guess they were jackfruit, they were delicious – brilliant flavour 8.5/10."

However, Becca was so delighted with the oriental money bags, that she ranked them second place.

"They had so much taste and filling," she explains. "Honestly, I highly recommend these – 9/10."

Last but not least, and coming in first place, are the tandoor chicken thigh bites.

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"The butter was so flavourful and the chicken so incredibly succulent, I couldn't stop eating these," she says.

"You have to grab a bag – 9.5/10."

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