Britney Spears new boyfriend confirms hes seeing singer

Britney Spears dances in new Instagram video

Britney Spears seems to have a new romantic interest.

Paul Richard Soliz has officially acknowledged their relationship following intense speculation.

Despite his notable criminal history, the 41-year-old acclaimed singer developed a bond with 37-year-old Paul, her former housekeeper.

After appearing in court for potential probation breaches, Paul admired his new girlfriend, describing her as outstanding.

The relationship confirmation emerged less than a month after Britney ended her relationship with Sam Asghari.

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In a chat with Us Weekly, Paul shed light on his connection with Britney. About a year ago, Britney brought him on board primarily for household tasks, including cleaning restrooms, maintaining the floors, and tidying up.

“She’s a very, very good, positive … She’s a good person,” Paul shared.

Paul added that despite separating from her 14-month marriage to Sam, the pop icon is holding up well. He also had kind words for Sam, mentioning he’s a “great guy.”

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Paul addressed his past wrongdoings in the same interview, emphasizing that he’s not the negative figure some portray him as. He acknowledged the chatter around his criminal history but underscored his present endeavors to turn his life around.

“I’m not a bad dude,” Paul stated. “I understand that things have been said about me in the past, and I have a criminal record — I get it. I’m a working man. I own my own business. I do a licensed contractor technique tile.”

Meanwhile, the specifics of Britney’s ties with Paul remain a bit hazy. Britney recently alluded to her single status in a brief Instagram video, which she later removed.

Paul reportedly previously faced an accusation related to child safety but managed to resolve it through a plea agreement. He also encountered legal challenges concerning driving without the necessary permits but settled those cases using plea deals as well.

Furthermore, in December 2022, he was found guilty of having a firearm unlawfully.

On another note, speculations have been swirling regarding the reason behind Britney’s marital breakdown, suggesting infidelity on her part towards Sam.

However, such whispers remain unconfirmed.

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