Tom Sandoval Holds Hands with Rumored New Girlfriend After Denying Romance

Tom Sandoval looks to have a new flame — ’cause he was guiding a PYT back to his pad to cap off another weekend where he was out and about.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star was photographed early Monday morning, a little before 2 AM, leading singer-songwriter Tii to his apartment after they’d left a bar together in West Hollywood.

Yes, he was indeed holding her hand — with fingers interlocked, mind you — as they strolled along.

Tom Sandovall and Tii

What’s interesting … Tom, just a month ago, denied Tii was anything but a pal. They’d been spotted hanging out lately, and when asked about it, he denied any romance.

Now, it seems the cat is out of the bag … friends don’t link up like this, especially on the late night. Now, as for who exactly she is — like we said, she dabbles in music, so they have that in common right off the bat. Tom reportedly met Tii through mutual buddy, Billie Lee.

Tom Sandovall and Tii

Anyway, just more evidence everyone’s turning the page after the whole cheating thing earlier this year. The fallout lasted for a good while, but everybody involved is moving on.

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